Ronaldo’s transfer drama has made the world more aware that football is a team sport

Ronaldo’s transfer drama has made the world more clearly aware of two things: Football is a team sport; The superstars in the team can only add to the icing on the cake. Looking at Ronaldo’s transfers in recent years, it’s the last resort. From Real Madrid to Juventus, on the one hand, Juventus’ lineup for […]

Juventus intends to introduce Depay, Barcelona hopes to get 20 million euros transfer fee

According to Spain “Daily Sport” quoted Italy’s report, Juventus want to introduce a second striker to partner with Vlahović, they are interested in Barcelona striker Depay.Depay is not in Barcelona’s plan, and the players know that if they stay in the team for the new season, there will be no chance. He currently has several […]

Liverpool veteran: Ronaldo does not owe anyone any loyalty, Messi does the same

British media talkSPORT radio reported that former Liverpool striker Dean Sanders said that Ronaldo and Messi owe the club nothing. Saunders stressed that Ronaldo owes no loyalty to anyone, because over the years, Ronaldo has given fans too much joy, and his career achievements are almost unparalleled. talkSPORT radio report Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Manchester […]

Is the phone going? Romano: Without a doubt! Jesus joins Arsenal

Romano news, Jesus joined without any problems. An official announcement is imminent, and the documents between Arsenal and Manchester City have been signed. Jesus will sign with Arsenal until 2027, no change, no doubt. According to previous news, the transfer fee of this transaction is 45 million pounds. Jesus, 25, joined Manchester City from Palmeiras […]

Ronaldo wants to play the Champions League, everyone on earth knows it! Manchester United will let him go if they get the right offer

Ronaldo wants to play in the Champions League, everyone on earth knows it! Manchester United will let him go if they get the right offer! According to online media news, a reporter often contacted by Ronaldo’s agent Mendes broke the exclusive news that Ronaldo hopes to go to a team that can play in the […]

40 million euros offer Martinez, Manchester United and Arsenal are on the bar again, Ten Hag personally calls

The two giants in the Premier League, Manchester United and Arsenal, have once again hit the bar. Both teams have taken a fancy to Ajax defender Lisandro Martinez. The defender from Argentina played very well last season. , and being able to play at left-back and centre-back, he will make the team more diverse in […]

Romero offered to return to Manchester United for free as a substitute! Man Utd unmoved as wife bombarded executives

According to the British “Manchester Evening News”, former Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero offered to return to Manchester United as a substitute for De Gea. Although he just chose to leave the club last summer because he could not play the main force. Manchester United are in the market for a new backup goalkeeper, as England […]

Manchester United’s first day of training Ten Hag training content revealed! The return list is exposed, one person will leave the team absent

Manchester United new coach Ten Hag, his coaching staff, and the first batch of 27 players returned to Manchester’s Carrington training ground on Monday, kicking off the summer training. At 8 a.m., 52-year-old Ten Hag took the special car arranged by the club and entered the training ground first, and his assistants Steve McLaren and […]

Ten Hag may hand over the captain’s armband to Ronaldo to dispel his doubts about Manchester United

According to the British “Daily Star”, in the selection of the captain of the new season, Manchester United new coach Ten Hag may deprive Maguire of the captain’s armband and finally hand it over to Ronaldo. Maguire has been United’s on-field captain since Ashley Young left the team. However, Maguire’s captaincy has also been questioned […]

It is revealed that Manchester United is expected to complete the first signing next week and spend 80 million euros to buy De Jong! Barca win in transfer tug-of-war

Under heavy pressure, Manchester United intends to back down in the transfer game with Barcelona. It is expected to sign Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong next week. The Red Devils’ first signing of the summer transfer window. Ten Hag has always regarded the 25-year-old De Jong as the core of his rebuilding of Manchester United, […]

Reshape the pinnacle? Harden is training frantically, his body has changed significantly, and he will lead the 76ers to the championship in the new season

The NBA finals are underway, and after the 76ers were eliminated, the entire team has started the offseason. As the core of the 76ers, Harden has been controversial this season. For his big contract and to return to the top, Harden has not I didn’t let myself relax. According to the 76ers, Harden has gone […]

Rockets coaching staff upgrade, Melvin Hunter, who led the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals, is about to join Houston

The Rockets’ assistant coaching staff has been upgraded again, and assistant coach Melvin Hunter, who reached the Eastern Conference finals, is about to become the Rockets’ assistant coach. Longtime NBA assistant coach Melvin Hunter is set to become an assistant to Houston Rockets coaching staff Stephen Silas, according to an update from Kelly Iko of […]