Nainggolan: I regret not going to the World Cup in 18 years, Lukaku going to Chelsea is a mistake

goals, championships,inevitably controversial, Nainggolan has never missed anything in his career, from Piacenza to Cagliari, from Roma to Inter Milan, the “ninja” often because of his performance on the pitch and His off-field performances are being talked about by the public. Now he plays in Antwerp, his hometown, and he has no regrets about the path he has taken in football.

“I’ve had a good career,” Nainggolan said in an exclusive interview with Fanpage, “but on a human level, I’ve always lived like an ordinary person. In the eyes of some people, maybe I look like Very arrogant, to some, I may seem honest, to some, I may be kind, and to others, I may just be a person who lays on the money I earn, because I Love nice cars and nice clothes, but unfortunately many people are limited to the outside to judge a person.”

Regarding his past career, Nainggolan said that at Inter Milan “started well, but ended badly”, while in Rome, Nainggolan said, “It was the most dazzling light in my career.”

“The best midfielder in Serie A? I’ve played in a lot of important competitions and met players like Pjanic, Hamsik, but also De Rossi and Struman, both of whom have I played together. Hamsik’s goals are impressive, he scores 15 goals a season, yes, he scores more than me, and he also takes penalties. But with Totti, When did De Rossi beat them? (laughs).”

“I always say I’m a different player because I can make others play better, I try to make others play their best, and for me, the most important thing is always the team.”

“If Roma can play against this Juventus team today, we can also play, but in those years, Juve were unbeatable. Today, they are still strong, but in those years, they were devastated.”

Nainggolan’s biggest regrets are mainly related to not being able to participate in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

“It was Roberto Martinez, the current head coach of the Belgian national team, who made me understand that there was no place for me in the team and made an ill-timed excuse. After the 2017/18 season, before the World Cup, he came to Me, tell me, he can’t make the team play like I’m in Roma, I can’t get close to the striker like I’m in Roma. But I can play anywhere, or I can be on the bench because honestly , I deserve a place among the 26 players called up for the World Cup.”

Speaking of the World Cup, let’s take a look at Italy. The Azzurri were eliminated by Macedonia and missed the World Cup for the second time in a row. Nainggolan was blunt again.

“In the Euros, this team wanted to win more than any other and Chiellini passed on his winning spirit to everyone. However, when you consider yourself against a small team like Macedonia , for sure… Macedonia defended the whole game and then they shot once and scored a goal. You want to say you have 30 shots on target, but who cares about stats, you have to score.”

And what about compatriot Lukaku? Nainggolan says Lukaku’s decision to leave Inter for Chelsea has been proven wrong.

“I always tell him that, in my opinion, at Inter, he is the strongest striker in the world because the tactical system, the coach and the team there are made for him. His dream is to go Chelsea, it’s the third time he’s been there, it’s not the same fate. I think if he stayed at Inter he would probably have been one of the best strikers in the world for four or five years. I told again He did it again, because that’s what I thought.”

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