NBA latest news! LaVine took the initiative to show his favor to the Lakers, or just change Westbrook.
Reunite the Big Three with James and Davis!

For the Los Angeles Lakers, the poor run of the last offseason and the poor performance of the 21-22 season are a thing of the past, and they need to rebuild the team this summer. However, although the goal is clear, the difficulty for the Lakers to implement the plan is not small. In the […]

The Lakers’ first trade of the offseason is coming! It is expected to send Westbrook to the Timberwolves Russell to impact the championship next season

The Lakers’ first trade of the offseason is coming! It is expected that Westbrook will be sent to the Timberwolves for Russell to prepare for the championship next season. Recently, according to reporters, the Lakers finally made up their minds to get rid of the inefficient Westbrook and directly trade him for the Timberwolves’ excellent […]

What is the future of the Lakers coach? James and his wife Dubai dinner, Barkley angered Anthony Davis

1. Lakers get permission to interview Bucks assistant Darvin Ham According to reporter Dan Woike, the Lakers have been approved to interview Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham. Ham played for 6 NBA teams during his playing days. After retiring, he served as a coach in the NBA Development League, and then served as an assistant […]

The Lakers lost the intrepid? Melon announced a new decision, the Nets intend to sign a contract, and it is a problem for James to keep him

After the Lakers missed the playoffs, Vogel was dismissed, and the team faced a restructuring. For the three cores of James, Davis, and Westbrook, they were relatively free to leave or stay. After all, all three have contracts. , As other veterans in the team, they are not so lucky. Ariza has been waived by […]

3 options for the Lakers to trade Davis? Reporter compares James and Durant, Westbrook likes support comments

1.Reporter says if James is as bad as Durant, Twitter will blow up ESPN reporter Marcus Spears commented on Durant’s performance, which talked about Lakers star James, saying: “If James plays such a bad performance at this stage of his career, then this APP (Twitter) will blow up. Although James did not enter the season. […]

James has a new decision! Davis’ whereabouts are set, the Lakers are aiming for the championship next season

The NBA playoffs are in full swing. Seeing that other teams are preparing for the game, James, who has missed the playoffs, has been very free recently. He has been paying attention to the latest developments in the playoffs, such as evaluating Dončić and Paul, Pay attention to Trae Young, who is also very busy. […]