Harden refused a 2-year 100 million contract extension to go to the Nets. Now he is against Durant. There is no brotherhood in the NBA, only money

The 76ers lost 103-119 to the Heat again in the playoffs today. Harden scored 20 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists. Embiid missed the first two games due to injury. The 76ers hope that Harden can score as he did in the Rockets. Wang’s style led the team to victory, but it was a pity that Harden’s performance disappointed the 76ers.

The 76ers played 8 playoff games, and Harden scored 18.8 points, 5.4 rebounds and 9.4 assists. He shot 40.2% from two-point range and 34.8% from three-point range. Except for his good performance in passing the ball to his teammates, Harden was not good in scoring or efficiency. Satisfying. Judging from Harden’s current performance, his assists are still at the top of the league, but Harden’s score has dropped too much. Harden’s famous European step is less and less in the game. Harden’s offensive desire is indeed not as good as before.

In fact, Embiid’s injury is also related to Harden. The 76ers originally led the Raptors 3-0, and the 76ers could accept the fourth road loss, but in the fifth game Harden only scored 15 points and 7 The assists led to an 88-103 loss to the Raptors at home. If Harden played well and led the 76ers to victory in Game 5, there would be no such thing as Embiid being beaten by Siakam for a concussion in Game 6.

Embiid’s absence from Harden’s lack of superstar performance also shows that Harden no longer has the ability to lead the Rockets to achieve good results back then. The 76ers hope to use Harden’s playoff performance this season to determine whether to match him Signed a 5-year, 270 million contract, but judging from Harden’s poor performance, the 76ers dared not give him a big contract.

Harden has a player option this year. His salary next season is $48.5 million. If Harden cannot renew his contract with the 76ers, he can execute his contract and become a free agent in 23 years, so Harden still has room to maneuver. The Rockets have salary space in 23 years. The Rockets have always believed that Harden will return to Houston. The Rockets are ready to wait for Harden to sign with the team.

Now Harden regrets not renewing his 2-year, 100 million contract with the Rockets in the summer of 2020. When Harden wanted to play with the Nets and Durant, he refused the Rockets’ 2-year, 100 million contract without hesitation. If Harden chooses Renewing his contract with the Rockets can get him a big contract until 25 years ago, when Harden is 36 years old and can sign a contract with the team that both parties are satisfied with like Paul is now. Harden refused to renew his 2-year 100 million contract with the Rockets because he wanted to play with Du Shao, and the two renew the NBA’s brotherhood. From this point of view, Harden is still very simple.

Because Harden wanted to play with the Nets and Durant, he turned down the contract with the Rockets. He is also the first player in NBA history to reject a 100 million-dollar contract. McCollum of the Pelicans said he could not imagine how hard Den would turn down such a large sum of money. Harden can renew his contract with the Rockets first and then seek a transfer, but Harden directly rejected the Rockets contract in order to express his determination to join forces with Du Shao.

Harden has not been very happy since he came to the Nets as he wished. This season, because Irving refused to take a vaccine, the Nets have been conflicted, and another purpose of Irving’s mischief is to dismantle Harden and let him go, so Irving can do whatever he wants. Controlling the ball, and Durant standing firmly on Irving’s side makes Harden extremely sad. He applied for a trade in February of this year, and at this time he and Durant completely turned against each other. The two did not say a word to each other. And after Harden arrived at the 76ers, Du Shao didn’t even have a word of blessing. From this point of view, what Du Shao did was really not very righteous, and his indifferent behavior also hurt the heart of his good brother Harden.

If Harden knew the current outcome 2 years ago, he would not hesitate to sign a contract extension with the Rockets, so that he could get an annual salary of nearly 50 million 25 years ago. In the NBA, there is only money and no brotherhood. Harden valued his relationship with Du Shao too much and lost the opportunity to sign a 2-year, 100 million contract.

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