Bye Harden! Congratulations to the Heat! Embiid may team up with Butler, 2-for-1 trade plan released

The Heat lost to the Celtics in the Battle of Yamazaki today, and now the team will be out of the game if they lose another game, but today the Heat have a piece of good news, according to the New York Times reporter Kyle Huo. Les broke the news that Embiid is very dissatisfied with the results of the current 76ers lineup, and he very much wants to join forces with Butler, which is his first choice, so he is very likely to join Butler this offseason.

Today, former NBA player Barnes proposed a 2-for-1 trade plan on the Internet. Barnes said, “I want to ask the fans of the Heat if you would be willing to use a 24-year-old young man. Debayo and Sixth Man Hero for Embiid? It’s a win-win deal, if you will.”

It is worth mentioning that at the previous press conference, Embiid first emphasized the idea of ​​joining forces with Butler, and then directly stated that the 76ers can completely trade themselves, so Embiid’s attitude has been very clear, and today Kyle Halls also said that the 76ers star Embiid is not a non-sale item for the team. His glass attributes make the team very worried. If there are better chips, then they will not refuse to trade.

Now looking at all the signs, it is not impossible for Embiid to leave the 76ers, and if Adebayo and Herro join forces with Harden in the 76ers, then they will have young people on the inside and outside. The future is a good thing, the other is to see if Harden can return to the peak and lead this group to the championship.

For Embiid, it’s just saying goodbye to Harden, and the Heat are the biggest winners, so do you think Embiid will be traded to the Heat and his coveted Butler partner?

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