Reshape the pinnacle? Harden is training frantically, his body has changed significantly, and he will lead the 76ers to the championship in the new season

The NBA finals are underway, and after the 76ers were eliminated, the entire team has started the offseason. As the core of the 76ers, Harden has been controversial this season. For his big contract and to return to the top, Harden has not I didn’t let myself relax. According to the 76ers, Harden has gone to the training hall and trained with the trainer. From the video, Harden’s figure has changed significantly compared to the previous paragraph.

Basketball trainer Chuck Ellis posted a video of him training with Harden on his personal social media, and responded to fans’ messages, he said: At present, Harden’s body has changed significantly compared to before. Judging from the video posted by the trainer, Harden is indeed a lot slimmer.

The reason why Harden has been in the slump before is due to his out of shape and injury problems. If Harden can maintain a hard training attitude in the offseason, he is fully capable of returning to his peak state next season. To rush to the championship, you need Harden who is full of attack power.

Harden has no offensive desire at all this season. He played for the 76ers in 21 games, averaging 21 points, 7.1 rebounds, 10.5 assists and 1.2 steals in 37.7 minutes per game. From the data, there is no problem at all, but Harden’s shooting percentage is only 40.2 %, and only 32.6% of three-pointers, both of which are new lows since his rookie season. Under such circumstances, Harden’s performance is difficult to satisfy teammate Embiid and head coach Rivers. More importantly, Because of Harden’s lazy game, the teenager Maxi also has a lot of opinions on him.

Harden’s lack of self-discipline made the team worried. He often went to nightclubs and lacked systematic training. Harden quickly entered a recession period, and his weight soared to more than 100 kilograms. In the NBA’s official best lineup vote, Harden didn’t get a single vote. This is the first time he has not received any votes in 11 years. Coupled with his struggles against the Heat in the playoffs, many fans and basketball media people believe that Harden has withdrawn from the ranks of first-tier stars.

Harden’s current contract has 1 year and 47.36 million dollars left. Originally, the 76ers wanted to renew the contract with Harden in advance. The salary discussed by the two sides was 5 years and 270 million dollars. This may be Harden’s last big contract in his career. , However, the playoffs continued to slump and the competitive state declined across the board, which made Harden’s market conditions continue to be underestimated. The 76ers have withdrawn their plan to renew Harden in advance. At present, Harden is 32 years old. If he signs a contract for 5 years, he will be At 37 years old, it is clear that the state will decline again, and the hesitation of the 76ers is completely understandable.

Implement the player option and prove himself again next season, becoming Harden’s best choice at present. Harden’s opening of training mode also proves that he has the idea of ​​making himself better. If he can successfully compete with Embiid next season, and Ha Den has performed well. He doesn’t worry about his big contract at all. Now he needs to try hard and lose weight first. However, he makes a comeback. I hope Harden can return to the peak, so that fans can see his strength again.

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