Why is this year the closest the Celtics have been to a championship in the past ten years?

This year marks the closest the Celtics have come to a championship since 2010. The biggest reason is that one of the biggest uncertainties in the past 17 years, the team culture, has finally been resolved this year.

Pulling back the time to the offseason in the summer of 2017, the team signed Hayward, traded Irving, plus Horford, the Big Three were ready to emerge, plus Tatum and Brown were two potential rookies, becoming the most promising challenger to the Cavaliers. competitor. However, the course of the following season was beyond everyone’s expectations. Hayward was seriously injured in the first game. Irving’s mid-term surgery ended the season ahead of schedule, and a team of youth with an average age of 24 years old was not afraid of tigers. Into the Eastern Conference Finals and the Cavaliers lost 7 games unfortunately. While people lament the team’s failure to take the opportunity to go further, there is renewed hope for the next season when Irving and Hayward are back healthy.

It is a pity that the team is not waiting for further progress but a small failure. The specific process must be known to everyone and will not be repeated here. The root cause of the problem is that the team failed to identify the team leader in time. Hayward was slightly embarrassed when he returned from a serious injury, while Owen was eccentric and too egotistical. Some people say that the young players of the team are not convinced by him. I think it is better to say that they do not understand what he wants to do, what kind of team he wants, and what is the role of everyone. These issues are not clear.

The role of the head coach is crucial at this time. Coach Stevens is technically irreproachable, whether he led the little-known Butler University to a dark horse miracle in college, or later led the mediocre Thomas-era Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals. Ability. But the head coach’s job doesn’t stop there. It is also very important to help the team establish a good team culture and enhance team cohesion.

In this regard, unfortunately at least in the NBA environment he is not good at it. The environment in college is relatively simple and simple. The relationship between coaches and players is closer to pure mentoring. Players only need to play according to the coach’s arrangement. The NBA is much more complicated, especially in the case of big-name stars, which tests the coach’s interpersonal communication. ability and judgment. For various reasons, the young marshal, including Angie, did not handle this issue very well. There is no captain, everyone is a leader, they should want to put the problem on hold, and the problem can be solved naturally when the performance improves. In fact, this arrangement makes everyone not know their position, even if they really want to help the team, they do not know Doing some things by yourself or saying some words by yourself is not appropriate, but it leads to poor communication, and problems and misunderstandings, big and small, cannot be solved in time.

This hidden danger has affected the team until this year. Even after Irving left the team, we always had such a feeling when we watched the game. In terms of individuals, it is obvious that everyone does not want to win, and the double third overall has been improving all the time, but there always seems to be an invisible obstacle on the court that cannot prevent this from happening. The team plays with real strength. The inability to maintain the lead, the inexplicable offense and disconnection, the unplayable tactics, and becoming very frizzy at critical moments are all manifestations of this problem. Losing is not terrible, the terrible thing is that the problems that lead to losing cannot be solved. The problem is that everyone does not have a simple and effective communication channel to eliminate unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding, completely trust themselves and their teammates, and spend all their energy on winning. Sometimes plan A and plan B are both okay and there is no right or wrong, but as a team, you must choose a plan to carry out and once you decide, you must avoid unnecessary arguments and consumption.

The young marshal should also have recognized this problem, so he took the opportunity to replace Ainge to find Uduka as the head coach. After the team started winning streak in January, I also went to some interviews and comments to see that there are several key points that I think he has done very well:

The first point is to be able to get along with the players. During training, I often hug the players, give high fives and even joke occasionally, so as to shorten the distance with the players and provide a relatively relaxed environment for everyone. Gwy even spoofed outside during the coach’s interview, a scene that would be hard to see if it was Stevens.

The second point is to be blunt and point out any problems immediately. When the record in the first half of the season was poor, Uduka said more than once in an interview that the team’s discipline is not enough and needs to be improved, and the responsibility needs to be specific to the person. Whoever makes a mistake will improve. Speak brightly. Moreover, he was able to continue to carry out this reform under the pressure of external public opinion, showing that he is still very courageous.

The third point is to upright Tatum and clarify the team leader. In an interview after the end of the regular season, Uduka mentioned that he told Tatum that you don’t have to respect your teammates too much, and you must say what you need to say. This is to finally establish Rex Rabbit’s leadership position, allowing him to lead the team with confidence and boldness. Even if there is something he doesn’t understand, he knows that he can safely ask the coach for advice and has a strong backing.

After these things are done, the stubborn problem of team culture that has plagued the Celtics for many years has finally been solved. Everyone can perform their duties with clear goals. All efforts can be exported in the same direction. This is the second half of the season to be completed. The root cause of metamorphosis.

The Celtics’ defense this year is phenomenal, with high-intensity rotations and pincer attacks that can ensure as little loss of position as possible. This requires constant communication and trust among teammates, as well as countless drills. Gong is not something that can be achieved simply by so-called positivity. Although the team’s offensive end is still far from smooth, it can be seen that even at critical moments, everyone’s mind is clear, and the handling of the ball is much calmer than before.

Success requires the right time, the right place and the right people, and now the Celtics in front of us, it is no exaggeration to say that talent, experience, self-confidence, cohesion, from software to hardware, are the best since the era of the Big Three. It’s the best time to win!

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