FMVP odds regenerate clues? Tatum officially overtakes Curry, the Warriors championship is still the hottest

In the first round of the NBA, 7 teams have advanced to the playoffs. Next, the Grizzlies and Timberwolves will start a fierce battle again, and the two teams will fight for the last second-round place. At present, the Warriors are still the most popular team in the championship, but the voice of the Celtics’ Tatum winning the championship MVP is getting higher and higher, and the odds have surpassed Curry to rise to the first in the league.

The two teams are also king-level teams in their own divisions. The Warriors have ushered in earth-shaking changes after two years of silence. The Celtics adhere to the concept of defensive winning, and directly put the extraordinary Nets in the first round. Sweep out. The Celtics and the Warriors are also considered to be the teams in the East and West finals. The two teams are likely to meet on the stage of the finals. At present, the second-round opponent of the Warriors has not yet been determined. It will be the Timberwolves and the Grizzlies. either of the teams.

In the series in which the Celtics swept the Nets 4-0, Tatum’s performance was obvious to all, effectively limiting Durant’s performance on the defensive end, and Tatum on the offensive end was also sharp. He used his excellent personal ability to tear up the Nets’ defense many times, and his cooperation with Brown was also quite powerful. The outside three-pointer also helped the Celtics occupy an absolute leading position.

The latest FMVP odds rankings have been released.

Tatum is at the top of the list, followed by Curry. Booker, Antetokounmpo, and Paul also have great opportunities. Let’s take a look at the latest FMVP odds rankings:

1-5: 1. Tatum (+375), 2. Curry (+450), 3. Booker (+550), 4. Antetokounmpo (+750), 5. Paul (+800)

6-10: 6. Butler (+1000), 7. Morant (+1500), 8. Embiid (+1600), 9. Jaylen Brown (+1800), 10. Luka Dončić (+2000)

11th-15th: 11. Smart (+2000), 12. Ayton (+2000), 13. Poole (+2000), 14. Herro (+2500), 15. Klay Thompson (+2800)

16th-20th: 16. Lowry (+4000), 17. Middleton (+4000), 18. Draymond (+4000), 19. Holiday (+4000), 20. Harden (+5000) )

21-27: 21 21-27: Robert Williams (+5000), 22. Jackson Jr. (+6600), 22. Maxey (+6600), 24. Bridges (+ 8000), 25. Desmond Bane (+10000), 26. Wiggins (+12500), 27.Towns (+25000)

The Warriors’ momentum of winning the championship has not changed.

Fans generally believe that the Warriors will rush out of the Western Conference to the stage of the finals. The championship odds list is as follows:
1. Warriors (+275), 2. Celtics (+325), 3. Sun (+350), 4. Heat (+700), 5. Bucks (+750).

The Warriors and the Celtics are the most promising teams in the finals.

The two teams have extraordinary momentum in terms of overall strength and playoff status. There is a high probability that they will face off on the stage of the finals.However, the three teams of the Sun, Bucks and Heat should not be underestimated.

What do you think will belong to the championship and FMVP?

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