Less Harden? Draymond: Nets have no point guard, causing KD Irving to play poorly

In the first round of the playoffs, the Nets lost 0-4 to the Celtics, and were swept away by their opponents and humiliated. After the Nets were out, many people analyzed the reasons for their failure. Some people think that KD’s match against Tatum was completely destroyed, and some people think that Irving’s series of rude operations destroyed this “dream team”. There’s a lot of truth to what everyone said, but today, Draymond Green analyzed the reasons for the Nets’ loss from a player’s point of view.

Draymond Green said: “The Nets have no one to run the offense and can’t find the positions of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the court. Because of the lack of commanders, the team has a lot of turnovers and also Make it impossible for them to stop the opponent in the series.”

Draymond Green’s remarks make sense. Although Irving claims to be a point guard, his organizational skills are very general, and more skills are on the offensive end. Durant’s playmaking isn’t something he’s good at other than scoring. Because, in the face of the Celtics, Durant took the ball many times and tried to organize the team’s offense, all of which ended in mistakes.

In fact, every championship team must have a core guard, which is the eternal truth of the NBA. The Nets lacked such a playmaker after sending Harden. Even if Ben Simmons returns, he won’t be at Harden’s level. From a lineup structure perspective, the Nets’ failure seems doomed.

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