Who is responsible for the Nets’ $150 million loss? Owen: Joseph Tsai doesn’t care about these little money at all

According to a joint report by the famous American basketball reporter Brian Lewis and Josh Kosman, the financial situation of the Nets is very worrying. This season, because they were swept in the first round, they lost about 150 million US dollars. This is the NBA’s current season. The team with the most losses, and after this news appeared, many fans put the blame on Irving and Simmons and Nash.

Many people believe that the existence of the three of them caused the Nets to suffer so many losses. Facing the huge pressure of public opinion, Owen couldn’t bear to fight back immediately on the Internet. He said, “Doing business itself is profitable. Time and loss, this is the same as our stock speculation. For our boss Joseph Tsai, he will not take it to heart at all, because he understands this truth, he is not like some uneducated fans who do not understand business. He doesn’t care about that little money, and I’ve said he’s the richest owner in the league.”

I really want to thank Durant for Irving’s ability to still play here this season, otherwise he would have been swept away by Joseph Tsai long ago, and now he dares to speak out here, no matter how rich people are, it is not a wind blowing, equivalent to 150 million US dollars The RMB is about 800 million yuan. This is the wealth that many Chinese people can’t get in their lifetime or even several lifetimes, but now Owen said that it was a leisurely stroll, as if it didn’t matter.

However, such a serious loss of the Nets has a lot to do with their management. Not only was the incompetent head coach Nash not fired, but he was reused. What is the reason? What’s up with Simmons lying at home with a back injury for no reason and a white-collar salary? What happened to Harden, who played seriously and wanted to win the championship, but was sidelined?

Why were veterans like Aldridge and Griffin suddenly abandoned? It can be said that on the surface it is the problem of Irving, Simmons and Nash. In fact, their management is the most responsible. Let’s see what they have made the team.

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