James has a new decision! Davis’ whereabouts are set, the Lakers are aiming for the championship next season

The NBA playoffs are in full swing. Seeing that other teams are preparing for the game, James, who has missed the playoffs, has been very free recently. He has been paying attention to the latest developments in the playoffs, such as evaluating Dončić and Paul, Pay attention to Trae Young, who is also very busy. The Lakers’ record this season is a failure. They have been crazy to strengthen in the previous offseason, and finally missed the playoffs, whether it is James or Davis, Westbrook Very frustrating, for the team, how to improve the team’s record has become their only goal in the offseason.

James is in the heart of Dubai and promises not to miss the playoffs in the future

At present, James is in Dubai and has already started the vacation mode, but James has never forgotten his mission. He said on his personal social media: In the rest of his career, he will not miss any playoff trips again. The team failed to make the playoffs, I was very sad. Then I hope fans will pay more attention to the next NBA playoff matchup with him. From the playoffs to the current playoffs, James has always paid attention to the dynamics of the playoffs, and expressed his views on some games on personal social media, commenting on the performance of the players. The playoffs are very eager, and even if the Lakers miss the playoffs, he still cares about the game of the entire NBA league.

In the playoffs this season, there are no Lakers and James, let alone Westbrook and Davis, which has caused a serious drop in ratings and attention. James failed to enter the playoffs, making many fans very uncomfortable. , Although James has been controversial this season, he is still very popular. With him, the topic and popularity of the NBA playoffs are far more than they are now. This may be James’ influence, but it can be seen from James’ domineering speech that the Lakers will make a comeback next season. With James here, the Lakers are still the favorite team for the championship.

Lakers won’t trade Davis

Compared with James, the other two cores of the Lakers are not happy. Davis and Westbrook have been in the midst of trade rumors, especially Westbrook. It is an undisclosed secret that the Lakers want to trade him. The salary for the next season is as high as 47 million, which makes the Lakers discouraged. If the team wants to improve its strength, a player must make sacrifices. Westbrook cannot. Many fans and media people suggest that the Lakers trade Davis. After all, he only played 40 games this season. He has played 76 games in two seasons, and has not played as many times as Westbrook in a season. Frequent injuries have made Davis lose his original inside advantage. Using him in exchange for immediate combat power can boost the strength of the Lakers.

However, according to the Lakers and team reporter Jovan Buha, the Lakers will not trade Davis at present. The Lakers reporter believes that even if the Lakers want to send Davis away, he is at the lowest point of his career, and the value of the previous transaction is not the same. In other words, a healthy Davis is a top-15 player in the league, but now the Lakers can’t trade Davis for another top-15 player in the league. Even if the Lakers adopt a one-for-many trading model to increase the depth of the team’s lineup, considering James’ age, if the Lakers want to compete for the championship, James must have a top star by his side. If Davis is traded, it also indicates that James’ era with the Lakers is coming to an end, so Davis will stay with the Lakers next season.

Although James announced that he will not miss the playoffs in the future, considering that Vogel of the Lakers has been dismissed and the new coach has not yet been determined, the current lineup, Westbrook and Davis cannot be traded, even if the trade takes Tucker Jr. and cuts some Veteran, still can not directly improve the strength of the Lakers. It is imperative for the Lakers to fight for the championship next season, but does Pelinka have such courage?

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