3 options for the Lakers to trade Davis? Reporter compares James and Durant, Westbrook likes support comments

1.Reporter says if James is as bad as Durant, Twitter will blow up

ESPN reporter Marcus Spears commented on Durant’s performance, which talked about Lakers star James, saying: “If James plays such a bad performance at this stage of his career, then this APP (Twitter) will blow up. Although James did not enter the season. The playoffs, but I can’t imagine all kinds of stuff going on on Twitter.”

2.James stayed up late to watch games while on vacation

The first round of the NBA playoffs is underway. Although the Lakers star James missed the playoffs, he is very concerned about the playoffs. James, who is on vacation, shared his news about watching the playoffs on dual screens, and James is also participating in the playoffs in this way.

3.James commented on the Mavericks and Nuggets G4 game

In the G4 matchup between the Mavericks and the Jazz, Dončić hit a key three-pointer in the final 39 seconds of the game, which also caught the attention of Lakers star James. James also acted very crazy, tweeting: “Luka (with 7 screaming emojis).” In the final 11 seconds, the Jazz overtook the Mavericks 100-99, 11 seconds The Jazz also There was a defensive possession, and James wrote: “Guard down one possession, and this becomes a 3-game series.” In the end, the Jazz defense successfully reversed the Mavericks, and the two teams were 2-2.

4.Jefferson is as obsessed with championships as James is

James’ former teammate Jefferson, looking back on the Cavaliers’ championship journey in 2016, talked about why James respects himself and Frye, mainly because James sees his teammates as obsessed with championships as himself. Jefferson doesn’t care about James’ career achievements, nor is it to help James improve his career achievements, but to fight for the championship by himself.

5.Magic thinks Greens defense destroys Nets

The Nets lost to the Celtics in G3, and now the Nets are 0-3 behind the Celtics, and the Nets are likely to be swept out by the Celtics. After the game, the famous Lakers Magician also expressed his opinion, writing: “The two Celtics superstars came forward, Tatum scored 39 points and Brown scored 23 points. The Celtics’ defense was destroyed again. With the Nets, Durant only scored 16 points on defense.”

6.Westbrook likes his comments in support of leaving the Lakers

The Lakers missed the playoffs, and Westbrook has also become a figure pointed out by thousands of people, and the compatibility with the Lakers is also questioned. Westbrook also recently liked a comment in support of his leaving the Lakers. It seems that it is only a matter of time before Westbrook leaves the Lakers, but it is not clear how he will leave and which team he will go to play.

7. The US media believes that James is one of the untouchable players this summer

“Bleacher Report” evaluated the most untouchable players of each team this summer, and James became one of them. With James’ influence, it would be super news if he left the team. At present, it seems that as long as James has no idea, it is impossible for the Lakers to make a decision to trade James.

8. Davis three trading schemes

NBA basketball expert Andy Quiche lists Davis’ 3 major trade plans. One is that the Lakers send Davis to get Gobert and a first-round pick in 2026; the other is that the Lakers send Davis, Tucker and Nunn to get West Asia from the Raptors Cam, Anunoby; the third is that the Lakers sent Davis, and the Knicks got Randle, Rose, as well as 2 first-round picks in 2023 and 1 first-round pick in 2025.

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