The Lakers lost the intrepid? Melon announced a new decision, the Nets intend to sign a contract, and it is a problem for James to keep him

After the Lakers missed the playoffs, Vogel was dismissed, and the team faced a restructuring. For the three cores of James, Davis, and Westbrook, they were relatively free to leave or stay. After all, all three have contracts. , As other veterans in the team, they are not so lucky. Ariza has been waived by the Lakers even before the season is over, which has shown that the Lakers will clean up the veterans in the team in the offseason.

The 37-year-old Anthony has attracted much attention. After all, his performance this season is obvious to all. Although he is old, he can contribute 13.3 points and 4.2 rebounds in an average of 26 minutes per game, and his three-point shooting rate is still as high as 37.5%, which fully meets the requirements of most teams for veterans. According to NBA reporter Sean Deveney, Anthony hopes to play for another season. The preferred team to play for is still Los Angeles. The Lakers are not one of Anthony’s preferred teams. Playing in Los Angeles is Anthony’s wish, and the Clippers are also his consideration.

Anthony has performed very well this season, with a strong performance, and has attracted the attention of many teams. According to a news from an Eastern Conference general manager, Anthony will not choose to return to the Knicks, and the Eastern Conference leads a giant team. The Nets intend to sign him. , and Anthony has lived in Brooklyn since he was a child, so he has his own special feelings for the Nets. Although the Nets were swept out in the first round this season, they still have many stars in their team, such as Irving, Durant, Simmons, both in their prime, with them, even if the Nets are not doing well this season, they are still one of the favorites to win next season. In addition, Anthony and Durant won the Olympic gold medal together with Irving, and the private relationship is not bad. The Nets dare to spend a lot of money for the lineup, which is relatively a good place.

From the Lakers’ point of view, of course they want to keep Anthony. After all, there are old people in the family who have treasures, as long as they don’t all have senior players like this season. Anthony’s performance has proved that he is completely suitable for James, Davis and Westbrook. . The Lakers’ biggest direction at present is to select coaches and trade Westbrook. Selecting coaches is not something that can be done overnight. Trading Westbrook is relatively more difficult than selecting coaches, so next season the Lakers can only rely on this season’s lineup to get through it. Make big trades mid-season to change the team’s roster.

Anthony has never been involved in a championship for so many years in his career. He needs a championship ring to complete his career. Joining the Lakers this season, his goals have not changed. If the Lakers still can’t change in the offseason If Anthony sees no hope of winning the championship, he will definitely face leaving. How to retain the Lakers will become the biggest problem.

Fortunately, there is James on the team. The two have known each other since they were 15 years old. They participated in the NBA draft together in 2003. Their private relationship has experienced more than ten years of precipitation, and it is still indestructible. When James recruited Anthony, he just used one sentence, “I need you”, Anthony gave up the contract extension that the Blazers had prepared for him, and assisted James without hesitation. Now the Lakers and Anthony are facing the problem of contract renewal again. I don’t know if James can come forward to keep him, after all, James knows Anthony. What is needed, and the Lakers lineup is difficult to win the championship without major changes. In such a dilemma, we look forward to the final result.

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