What is the future of the Lakers coach? James and his wife Dubai dinner, Barkley angered Anthony Davis

1. Lakers get permission to interview Bucks assistant Darvin Ham

According to reporter Dan Woike, the Lakers have been approved to interview Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham. Ham played for 6 NBA teams during his playing days. After retiring, he served as a coach in the NBA Development League, and then served as an assistant in the Lakers, Hawks and Bucks. Good luck Darvin Ham.

2. Barkley lashes out at Anthony Davis, Zion Williamson

Former NBA players ranted about Lakers player Anthony Davis on the show. Barkley believed that Anthony Davis was a basketball player and could not be injured all the time. He said Anthony Davis had to play! Of course, Zion Williamson, the No. 1 pick, was also mentioned. It is a pity that two extremely talented players, Anthony Davis and Zion Williamson, have been plagued by injuries.

3. Lakers interested in Jazz coach Snyder

According to NBA reporter Marc Stein, the Lakers are very interested in Jazz coach Snyder, but the coaching circle remains skeptical about whether Snyder will give up the Jazz coach and coach the Lakers. The Jazz lost to the Mavericks 2-4 in the first round, and the Lakers missed the play-offs, and they are bound to shuffle their cards in the offseason.

4. James had dinner with his wife and friends under the Burj Khalifa

James played frantically in the offseason and posted a video of himself having dinner with his wife and friends under the Burj Khalifa. The whole person is very happy and relaxed, maybe this is the true meaning of life.

5. James sees giraffes and interacts with elephants

James got up close and personal with nature during the offseason, taking a drive to see wild giraffes and interacting with elephants up close. In addition, James’ friends also reviewed the holiday with James and his wife in the Maldives, and showed fans the private life of the superstar up close.

6. DeRozan praises James

DeRozan talked about his performance and James in the interview. DeRozan thinks he has played for most of the season. DeRozan said he hates players having to deal with injuries. As the oldest bulls It’s good that the players can maintain their current form. DeRozan also said of James: “If James can still do what he’s doing, then there’s hope for me. I’m going to be 33 soon, and I’ve got a few years left.”

7. Griffin on Lakers draft picks becoming lottery picks

Pelicans general manager David Griffin said in an interview: “The Lakers’ 2022 draft pick is a lottery pick. We didn’t know that the Lakers’ draft pick was a lottery pick. What we valued at the time was the subsequent year’s draft. Kwon, we were very lucky. We were a playoff team and we had a lottery pick, which was pretty lucky.”

8. James forwards the gym of his high school alma mater

James reposted the video of the gym at St. Vincent and St. Mary’s Middle School, his high school alma mater. The facilities of this gym have been upgraded. James wrote in the accompanying text: “Can’t wait to go there to train this summer! Let’s rush!” James’s dedication to training is It is obvious to all that James is also serious about physical management. It is estimated that after the offseason travel, James will actively devote himself to training.

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