The Lakers’ first trade of the offseason is coming! It is expected to send Westbrook to the Timberwolves Russell to impact the championship next season

The Lakers’ first trade of the offseason is coming! It is expected that Westbrook will be sent to the Timberwolves for Russell to prepare for the championship next season.

Recently, according to reporters, the Lakers finally made up their minds to get rid of the inefficient Westbrook and directly trade him for the Timberwolves’ excellent guard Russell.

Russell is known to have been considered the future of the Lakers at the age of 19, and he is a great offensive player at his best due to his ability to shoot from the perimeter as well as attack the rim.

Russell is now 26 years old and has decent guard experience. This means that the Lakers can use a shooting guard to assist James. Russell can be a playmaker because of his ability to space the floor.

If Russell can play at an All-Star level like he did in 2019, the Lakers also have the potential to be a Big Three again. You know, the Lakers’ biggest failure this season is Westbrook’s inability to have enough chemistry with the team.

Although, Russell, James and Davis are not guaranteed to win the NBA championship, at least they can enter the playoffs to chase the championship. The Lakers lack adequate defense, and the roster is seriously aging. How to upgrade the team to a young team in the offseason will be a top priority.

For Russell, this season is regarded as a “low point” in his career, although he is only shooting 41.1% from the field and only 34.0% from three-point range. The good news is that he still averaged 18.1 points and 7.1 rebounds.

There is no doubt that the addition of Russell will improve the shooting percentage of the Lakers, and he will be more suitable for the Lakers than Westbrook. The Lakers’ first trade of the offseason is likely to come soon. What do you think of this deal?

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