NBA latest news! LaVine took the initiative to show his favor to the Lakers, or just change Westbrook.
Reunite the Big Three with James and Davis!

For the Los Angeles Lakers, the poor run of the last offseason and the poor performance of the 21-22 season are a thing of the past, and they need to rebuild the team this summer. However, although the goal is clear, the difficulty for the Lakers to implement the plan is not small. In the 22-23 season, the Lakers only have the Big Three, Tucker and Nunn on the list of players with transaction value. If they want to make a game-breaking deal, the Lakers can hardly get any positive assets, not to mention they have to find a way to send Westbrook, who has a contract of up to 47 million next season, away. After months of frustrating not only fans but management as well, things seem to have changed. Previously, well-known reporter KC Jones reported on the scandal between LaVine and the Lakers. Recently, this rumor has been confirmed by the parties. According to the latest report from well-known media TMZ Sports this week, LaVine publicly expressed his love for the Lakers in an interview with them.

It is reported that TMZ reporters went to LaVine’s residence in Los Angeles for the interview. After asking about his views on the season, reporters shifted the focus to LaVine’s decision this offseason. When asked if LaVine had plans to join the Lakers, LaVine not only did not evade the question, but also responded positively to the reporter, “I have always been a fan of the Lakers madman.” When players discuss their offseason decisions with the media, they tend to be cautious in their words and deeds, for fear that their decisions will be exposed in advance. LaVine’s approach is somewhat unexpected. According to the analysis of TMZ reporters, LaVine is determined to try the free market in the 21-22 season. The summer of 22 is not only a draft year, but also a free agent year. In the absence of more All-Stars entering free agency, the two-time All-Star LaVine could be the biggest free agent of the offseason.

In fact, the scandal between LaVine and the Lakers began as early as the middle of last season. LaVine officially switched to the Klutch Sports agency on September 1, 2021. Fans familiar with James and the Lakers must know the relationship between this economic company and the two. In 2019, Davis also joined the Lakers after changing the brokerage company to CS halfway through. However, compared to trading Davis at the time, the Lakers are now much more difficult to trade for LaVine. Even if all players other than Zhanmei are dealt with, including Westbrook, the Lakers’ contract space is only less than 30 million, which is far from the starting salary standard for signing Lavin. Under such circumstances, the Lakers have only two options if they want to get LaVine. The first is to use Westbrook to reach a one-for-one deal with the Bulls, signing first and then getting LaVine. The second is to find a third party willing to join the transaction and reach a three-way transaction.

The Bulls have had a good season this season, and getting them to take over Westbrook’s massive contract is no small feat. A more feasible way is for the Lakers to find a team between the Pacers and the Thunder to play a third-party role. According to TMZ’s expectations, this potential trade may be that the Lakers pay Westbrook for LaVine, the Pacers pay Hield and Brogdon for Westbrook, and the Bulls get the Pacers for both guns. Under such circumstances, the Pacers in the rebuilding period received a one-year expiring Westbrook contract to accelerate the rebuilding, the Bulls’ departure from LaVine would cause minimal damage to the team, and the Lakers were able to form a new Big Three The lineup is a triple win. Do fans and friends think LaVine will join the Lakers?

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