Embiid says the Heat need a star. US media suggests the Lakers 2 for 6; Eason becomes a Rockets target

The NBA playoffs are in full swing. In the playoffs that ended today, the Heat lost 80:93 to the Celtics at home and fell behind by a big score of 2:3. Embiid said on Twitter that the Heat need to add a star. Is this to join the Heat? The US media suggested that the Lakers bet on James, send Westbrook and Davis away for a 2-for-6 deal with Bulls. According to sources, the Rockets tried out Eason 4 times in 3 days, and it is clear that this rising star has become the target of the Rockets .

Embiid says Heat need a star

At present, the Eastern Conference finals have come to the most critical moment. In today’s Battle of Yamazaki, the Heat lost to the Celtics at home and fell behind by a big score of 2:3. Embiid tweeted after the game that the Heat needed to add a star.
The 76ers lost to the Heat 2-4 in this year’s Eastern Conference semifinals. After being eliminated, Embiid has publicly stated that he wants to work with players like Butler, and he also said that Butler is his brother.

There is no doubt that this is a blatant insinuation. The current 76ers team is a mess, Harden’s contract extension and the team’s roster reinforcement, these will make Embiid think of leaving.Although the possibility of Embiid and Butler teaming up again is very low, it is not ruled out, and Embiid may leave the 76ers in the future. After all, he is 28 years old and wants to win the championship, with Embiid’s ability , If there is no superstar with him, it is difficult for him to win the championship in the 76ers.

I hope Embiid can play well next season and lead the Philadelphia 76ers to a higher stage. At the same time, I hope that the Heat can play more brilliantly in the next game and drag the game into the tiebreaker.

US media suggested the Lakers 2 for 6

The Lakers only achieved a record of 33 wins and 49 losses in the regular season, so if they want to return to the championship next season, they must make a lineup change, and sending Westbrook is the top priority of the offseason. However, it is very difficult to send Westbrook away, so the US media suggested that the Lakers pack Westbrook + Davis for a 2-for-6 trade with the Bulls, bet on James, and continue to lead the Lakers to the championship.

The main content of this transaction is that the Lakers send Westbrook, Davis gets Zach LaVine, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, Patrick Williams, the first round of the Bulls in 2022, and the development of 2023. In the first round, the Lakers traded 2-for-6.
Obviously this is not a good deal, whether it is for the Bulls or the Lakers, it is likely to cause a lose-lose situation.

Davis’ vitreous physique makes it difficult for him to play his full strength, and Davis’ strength has declined significantly over the past two seasons. What’s more important is that in the East, which emphasizes the internal melee, the probability of Davis’ injury will greatly increase, and the Bulls are likely to buy a wounded, not a star.

In addition, as Westbrook grows older, his overall state declines very seriously. Whether it is shooting ability, speed, or explosiveness, there is a significant decline, so it is difficult for him to bring substantial help to the Bulls. Basically, the combination of DeRozan + Davis + Westbrook is almost in the playoffs.

For the Lakers, this trade is also not advisable, if they want to compete for the championship. Judging from the performance of the regular season, James’ current influence on the game on the court has seriously declined due to his age and injuries. Compared with before, it is like a sky and an underground.

The current James is a liability on the defensive end. He can’t affect the game at the crucial moment and help the team win the game. His dominance on the court is declining, which is obvious. This trade sent Davis away, and the few players that were ushered in could not provide effective help to James, so it was not desirable.

Eason is a rocket target

The Rockets have tried out Eason from the University of Louisiana several times in recent times, and it is clear that the rookie forward has become a target for the Rockets in the draft.

Eason is averaging 16.9 points and 6.6 rebounds this season while shooting 52 percent from the field and 36 percent from three. Thanks to his 2.20-meter wingspan, Eason’s defense is extremely good, and NBA scouting reports show that Eason has NBA-level athleticism and size. Not only that, but Eason can guard from the 1 to the 4.

Obviously, his excellent defensive ability will make him the best reason for the Rockets to select him. After all, the Rockets’ front line defense is too bad, and Eason can make up for this. It is worth mentioning that Eason’s current draft pick hovers between the 15th and 20th picks.

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