A fan bought the $50,000 Mavericks at 30 to 1, and the Warriors advanced to the Finals

According to the US media Caesars Sportsbook reporter Max Meyer, a fan bought $50,000 at odds of 30 to 1 for the Mavericks to overturn the Warriors and advance to the finals. And bought the $10,000 Mavericks at +7500 odds and eventually won the championship.

It is estimated that if the Mavericks can actually complete the epic comeback of 0 to 3, the fan will receive a bonus of 1.5 million US dollars. If the Mavericks eventually win the championship, he will receive another $750,000 in bonuses.

According to official statistics, there have been 146 3-0 (best-of-seven) games in the history of the NBA playoffs, all leading teams have advanced, and no team has completed a comeback.

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