Worst record in team history! Can Popovich make a comeback?

The Spurs lost to the Pelicans 103-113 in the playoffs, ending the season as the 10th in the Western Conference, missing the playoffs for three consecutive seasons, setting the worst record in the history of the Spurs. Popovich created the most glorious moment in Spurs history, and now he can make a good comeback?

It is a miracle that the Spurs can advance to the playoffs this season, thanks to the collapse of many teams in the West and the collapse of the Lakers after the All-Star weekend. However, they missed the playoffs for three consecutive years in the worst record in team history. After that, the Spurs fans were still a little bit nervous, and what was even more frightening was that the Spurs did not seem to have found the cornerstone of reconstruction. At present, there are no characters like Tim Duncan in this Spurs team, even Tony Parker and Manu – Neither did Ginobili, and the Spurs’ rise seemed far off.

The Spurs missed the playoffs for 3 consecutive years in the King’s 16 consecutive seasons that set the longest record in NBA history. Well, the Spurs had never missed the playoffs for two consecutive years before the last two years (since the 1976-77 season). Many people think that Duncan is the most glorious moment in Spurs history, but many people ignore that the Spurs have never missed the playoffs for 2 consecutive years in 21 seasons before Duncan joined the Spurs.

The deified Popovich now has to face the fact that the Spurs have set the record for the longest missed playoffs in team history, which also makes the Spurs no longer the only team in NBA history that has never missed the playoffs for three consecutive years. Team; however, we can’t completely lose faith in the Spurs. After all, in the regular season this season, the Spurs averaged 27.9 assists per game, the second most among the 30 teams in the league, and the Spurs averaged 18.1 fouls per game, the second-fewest in the league. This young ball with mediocre talent The team still played decent team basketball under Popovich.

Of course, the team alone is not enough, after all, the NBA is a stage for superstars, but this Spurs are not completely hopeless, such as 25-year-old Dejounte Murray is not bad. In the regular season this season, Murray averaged 21.1 points, 8.3 rebounds, 9.2 assists and 2.0 steals per game in 68 games. Players who averaged 20+8+9 data per game in the regular season! It is worth mentioning that the other four are Oscar – Robertson, Russell – Westbrook, James – Harden and LeBron – James, all of whom have won the regular season MVP “75 superstars”.

It’s disappointing that the Spurs missed the playoffs for the worst three consecutive years in franchise history, but it’s good that the Spurs’ staffing can squeeze out the Lakers and advance to the playoffs. It is an indisputable fact that such a Spurs can make the playoffs next season. After all, there is only one championship every year, and no championship does not mean a certain failure.

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