Overview of the first round of the NBA semi-finals, the Suns and Heat both won at home, while the Bucks and Warriors won away

In the 2021/22 NBA playoffs, the first round of the semi-finals is over. The Bucks and the Heat in the eastern region won, and the Warriors and the Suns in the western region won. Both the Bucks and the Warriors won away games, and the situation for both teams is relatively favorable.

Eastern Conference Semifinals First Round:

Bucks 101-89 Celtics: The result of this game was relatively unexpected. The Celtics, who were outstanding in defense, were not able to completely restrain their opponents on the defensive end, but were severely limited by their opponents on the offensive end. The defending champion Bucks in this campaign can be described as a strong announcement: “Don’t take the defending champion lightly, we are still the favorites to win the championship.” The Celtics lost their first game and lost their home-court advantage. ; If the second round is unpredictable, the Celtics’ situation will be extremely dangerous.

76ers 92-106 Heat: The result of this game was expected by many fans. The Heat showed a strong side. This team has done a very good job on both ends of the offense and defense. It is also a favorite team for the championship. . The overall performance of the Heat this season has always been relatively stable, which is a very rare side, and it is a more terrifying side for opponents. The 76ers lost their first game, and there are still many opportunities at present, but the overall situation of this matchup is not conducive to the 76ers, and their hope of promotion is relatively low.

Western Conference Semifinals First Round:

Warriors 117-116 Grizzlies: This game is full of twists and turns, and the Warriors, who are on the road, won this victory, which is very beneficial to the overall situation of the team. The Warriors themselves still have many problems. Although this group of matchups is more likely to pass the test, it may be very difficult to go further in the future. In short, the Warriors clearly have the upper hand and have a better chance to advance to the Western Conference finals. The Grizzlies didn’t seize the chance at home and missed so many opportunities. It’s no wonder that others are likely to miss the Western Conference finals because of hatred in this game.

Mavericks 114-121 Suns: The two sides competed wonderfully in this game. The Suns blossomed more in the first half. Ayton, Booker, and Paul each played their part, helping the team to occupy a clear advantage and establishing a 13-point lead at the end of the half. ; Then the Suns continued to dominate in the third quarter, extending the lead to 17 points. In the final quarter, Mavericks counterattacked with full force, and in the final stage, the offense and defense were excellent, reducing the difference to 5 points. The Suns were able to stabilize at a critical moment and successfully won the game.

The Suns still managed to win the game and seized their first home chance. The overall success of the Suns is indeed higher than that of their opponents. This group has a significantly greater chance of passing the test. In the final analysis, the key point of the Suns is stability. Don’t have any accidents, then the Suns are the favorites for the championship. The Mavericks is relatively dependent on Dončić. The team has insufficient auxiliary power and the combined strength is not enough. It is indeed difficult to go further.

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