Suns coach criticizes poor reading in fourth quarter, Paul: Not a very beautiful victory

The NBA playoffs continued, the Suns ushered in G1 of the Mavericks series at home, and finally got a good start 121-114.

Regarding the G1 victory, Paul said: “We will accept this victory, although it is not a very beautiful victory. We played well for most of the game, and the team will watch the game tomorrow to see if we have anything in G2. What needs to change.”

The Suns did not play well in the fourth quarter and were beaten by Mavericks 35-25 in a single quarter. Regarding this, Ayton said: “We didn’t end the game the way we wanted, it was an emotional energy change. Everyone was quiet. , because we know we can do better.”

Ayton said the team would see the game as a loss, and they didn’t want to end another game like this. Ayton thought they had to step on the gas.

Regarding the team’s struggles in the fourth quarter, coach Monty Williams said: “I think we missed a lot of shots and the opponent kept switching. Originally, we had an advantage in big men, especially McGee. But we Made some bad reads.”

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