Will Durant drop the Nets next season? He felt the pain of James! Not as a warrior here

Durant finally knows James’ pain! Lost to the Celtics, out is just around the corner, and Durant has become the last person he wants to be! Although he is the number one player in the NBA, but because there is no superstar to assist him, he is exhausted in the end. Will Durant endure such a hard life? Will Durant move on to the next stop?

Durant alone, out of breath, has not seen each other for many years

In the end, Durant was unable to help the Nets defeat the Celtics and was led 3-0 by the Green Army. The Nets’ playoff exit has become a foregone conclusion!

In the game, the Nets also tried their best, but faced with the strong defense of the Green Army, the Nets, who had high hopes, failed to change their fate and lost the game!

Durant is also doing everything he can, not hesitate to turn his face with his teammates! This is very rare in previous games. After all, in Durant’s game, it is the opponent who has a headache! But this series is the Nets! When the Nets competed for the playoff spot, they had already played very hard, even if they won, it would be very ugly!

The Nets were considered the No. 1 favorite at the beginning of the season! The existence of Durant, Harden, and Irving seems to be a matter of course!

However, due to Irving’s incoordination, Harden left the team. Since then, even the trade to Simmons has not been able to change the fate of the Nets!

In fact, the Nets are no longer the Nets without Harden! Durant should regret sending Harden!

Durant is old, James should be able to feel the pain

Durant is no longer the death of the Warriors and Thunder, no longer the ultimate answer! The worst thing an athlete can’t fight is time!

James failed to lead the Lakers into the playoffs because of his age. What a disappointment to the former first player in the NBA, who is comparable to Jordan! In addition to his age, James has no strong teammates to assist him. Brother Nongmei has been suffering from injuries, and Westbrook is also a nerve knife. One good game is not good!

Durant has also experienced the same troubles as James. With age, Durant’s physical recovery has slowed down. Coupled with injuries, Durant’s peak has left! In addition, Durant only has Irving as an auxiliary player, but Irving’s character will not make too much sacrifice for James, so Durant has always been a single-core leader!

Maybe now Durant is missing the glory days of the Warriors, when Curry, Thompson, Green drew defenses for himself, then it was one man defending himself, or the big open, now it’s three people flanking and defending himself, too tired!

Unsurprisingly, Durant’s season is over, and if the Nets have no major changes, it’s time for Durant to say goodbye! This team has more attributes of Irving, so don’t waste the last few years of your career!

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