Curry misses 4 free throws, unprecedented in his career, Clay hits 32 points to fill 1,034 blank days

The 2021-22 NBA playoffs continue, and the Golden State Warriors usher in the fourth game of the series against the Denver Nuggets. After the whole game, the Warriors lost to the Nuggets 121-126, and the total score was tied 1-3.

On the Warriors side, Stephen Curry scored 33 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals, and Klay Thompson scored 32 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals. The Splash Brothers broke out together.

In the playoffs so far, the overall performance of the Warriors is undoubtedly satisfactory, especially Curry, who is willing to serve as a substitute, further activating the team’s potential, and after debuting as the sixth man, Curry’s efficiency also improved. Pretty amazing.

In this game, Curry continued to play off the bench, and it seemed that he was going to carry out the strategy of playing off the bench to the end. At the end of the first quarter, Curry hit a three-pointer against Cousins. Obviously, in the rotation stage, his matchup became easier and the defensive pressure on him was less.

Of course, the effect of Curry’s role as a substitute does not stop there. Because of Meng Shen’s way, the Splash Brothers were able to attack at a different peak. In the past three games, we have seen the more aggressive Klay Thompson. Today , Klay was even better. In the middle of the second quarter, after a dunk, Klay scored in double figures before Curry.

Although the Warriors have always been behind in the score, their relaxed mentality and reasonable rotation have accumulated enough energy for them.

So, in the third quarter, once the Warriors counterattack, the momentum is also very fierce. In this quarter, Klay first scored points by making a layup. Then, his three-pointers began to hit consecutively, scoring 13 points in a single quarter and scoring 20 points in the second half. His fiery touch once made the Nuggets home audience speechless.

And into the final quarter, the explosion was replaced by Curry. In this quarter, Curry forced a layup against the defense. Then, he dribbled the ball around the three-point line and let the two defenders follow him around. Then, Curry made a frontal three-pointer and made a foul. As soon as the ball went in, Curry made a domineering move. Squatting, a rare way to celebrate, also shows Mengshen’s powerful self-confidence.

Later in this quarter, Curry once again trained Jokic to make a 2+1 layup. Then, he stepped back and scored a jumper, which once gave the Warriors a lead, and even almost killed the suspense.

But unfortunately, Mr. Yue’s score stopped the bleeding for the Nuggets. This night, Mr. Yue’s supporting roles were also powerful enough to not allow the Warriors to complete the counterattack.

However, in this game, Curry played 37 minutes, which is the highest game since his comeback, and on Klay’s side, it was the first playoffs after 1034 days after the 2019 finals G6 scored 30+ points.

Of course, the fly in the ointment is that the Warriors did not win this night, and Curry missed 4 free throws in this game, which is also a career high.

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