The US media suggested that the Warriors trade for Gobert to create the most complete super team trade plan

The Utah Jazz are currently one of the most controversial teams in the league. No matter what they do, there will always be a flurry of criticism from the fan media about the Jazz’s play and lack of playoff success. The Utah Jazz ranked No. 1 in the Western Conference last year in the regular season, but they still couldn’t avoid being criticized because the Jazz lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in the second round of the playoffs, which even lost Leonard in the end.

This season, the duo led by Donovan Mitchell and Gobert are getting into some infighting. Reports of Donovan Mitchell barely passing Gobert have come to the fore, affecting the team internally Atmosphere, if the Utah Jazz fail to advance to the second round of the playoffs, the team is likely to make some personnel changes.

The Jazz’s primary goal is to trade Gobert, who won the three-time Defensive Player of the Year award. The French center is the main force inside the Jazz, but he will have to be traded to other teams to facilitate the team to rebuild better. But where is the best destination? Maybe the Golden State Warriors. Therefore, “Fadeawayworld” also lists the trading plan for the Golden State Warriors to take a risk to acquire Gobert and create the most complete super team in the NBA.

Golden State Warriors trade acquisition: Gobert

Utah Jazz trade for: Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Cuminga, James Wiseman

Three young players with very high potential for a three-time Defensive Player of the Year would be a blockbuster trade that would revolutionize the entire league next year, as the current Warriors will get all these years. The team’s best big man inside, and the Jazz started a rebuild with two very talented young players and an All-Star. Let’s see how this deal affects both teams.

Golden State Warriors build a more perfect starting five

The Warriors probably want to have the best inside and outside player in the league, so trading for Gobert would give them a huge advantage. Gobert is arguably the best defensive center in the league. His size and size also means he can draw more attention from defenders in the paint because he can make up for missed shots from his teammates, and he can convert missed shots well into secondary plays.

The interior defensive duo of Gobert and Draymond Green protects the interior better than most players in the league, and we’ve seen how limited Draymond is in the playoffs Nikola Jokic, Gobert can solve a lot of problems for the Warriors when the Warriors meet an inside team with Giannis Antetokounmpo or Embiid, because of his size and strength partner Draymond Green, Possibly helping the Warriors limit the league’s best interior players, once Gobert grabs a defensive rebound and can pass directly to the frontcourt, the Golden State Warriors shooter can have a good chance to shoot outside 3-pointers.

The Golden State Warriors will build a starting five-man lineup led by Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Gobert. Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson will form another Falls trio, with Gobert and Draymond forming a very scary defensive duo.

Utah Jazz rebuild with young players and All-Stars

I have to say that the Utah Jazz are still a disappointing team. In such a high-intensity game in the playoffs, it seems that the Utah Jazz can hardly play their competitive level stably and efficiently at both ends of the offense and defense. Novan Mitchell and Gobert were frustrated. Obviously, the duo led by Donovan Mitchell and Gobert may not be enough to help the Utah Jazz win the championship, which also led the team to make changes ahead of time.

There have been rumors that the New York Knicks want Donovan Mitchell to join their team, and for a shooting guard in his prime, playing in basketball mecca is hard to resist. The Utah Jazz may lose Donovan Mitchell, but the Jazz are not worried because Gobert has traded several very talented young stars for the team.

The Utah Jazz acquired Jonathan Cuminga, 19, James Wiseman, 21, and a 27-year-old Andrew Wiggins. Andrew Wiggins in his prime is an excellent small forward who could be further traded for better draft picks and more young players.

The Jazz created a five-man starting lineup led by Mike Conley, Donovan Mitchell, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Cuminga and Whiteside. If the Jazz decide to keep Andrew Wiggins long-term, he will become the team’s absolute starting small forward, because he has too much influence on both ends of the offense and defense, and many teams want to trade him, so the Jazz can also trade again. He, used to acquire more draft picks and young players, continues to rebuild the team around Jonathan Cuminga and James Wiseman. The deal gives the Jazz a lot of flexibility in cap space etc. Andrew Wiggins and two other players could be their future.

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