The Warriors suffered 2 serious misjudgments and lost! NBA announces referee report, Curry and Thompson regret loss

The fourth game of the series between the Warriors and the Nuggets ended with a thrilling victory over the Warriors by the Nuggets. The score between the two sides became 3:1. Now the referee report is officially released.

As a result, this time the referee reported that the official announced that there was a big problem at the end of the game. At the end of the game, there were consecutive misjudgments and missed judgments, and two times were very unfavorable for the Warriors.

The referee’s report pointed out that there were two missed calls and one wrong call in the last two minutes, but most of them were very unfavorable to the Warriors. The first time was when there were 50 seconds left in the game. At 121 level, Curry made a breakthrough from outside the three-point line. The ball was considered to be the support foot that moved first, and it was a walking action, but the referee did not give a whistle.

This was the first wrong call and missed call at that time, and the second wrong call. When Curry broke through and entered the Nuggets’ inside line, facing the defense of Jokic and Rivers, it was obvious when Rivers was defending. Hit Curry’s right arm dribble, affecting his ball control, this should be a defensive foul, but the referee did not call.

The third serious misjudgment and missed judgment, Thompson missed a three-pointer from the bottom corner, and Wiggins didn’t make a dunk. Before the rebound went out of bounds, he touched the right leg of the Nuggets player Morris at the last moment, but the referee The ball goes to the Nuggets. There were two very serious wrong calls in this game. This kick foul and a foul on Curry’s thugs were not called, and Curry was just a walk.

That is to say, Curry’s walking action was made by the Warriors’ own players, but your next foul on Curry and the obvious out-of-bounds ball can be whistled by the referee. It is the opponent’s action. In this case, you don’t brag. Obviously, the referee came with a mission, and made it clear that this game must not be won by the Warriors. You must play one more game, make more money, and get more ratings.

Otherwise, you can’t explain why there is such a penalty? To put it bluntly, in the first half of the game, the referee actually called four fouls on Thompson, who was very good at defense. In the half, Thompson, who had the best handle, called four fouls. It was clear that the Warriors were not prepared to win. Now the Warriors want to return. Playing the 5th game at home, earning one more ticket money, and then I believe that the referee should have no reason to give such a blatant misjudgment and obvious misjudgment, and also help you earn one more money, So if the two sides play normally, it is indeed more difficult for the Nuggets to beat the Warriors.

Just like the Philadelphia 76ers-Raptors series, the league just doesn’t want to see a 4-0 sweep, they just want to watch a few more games and make more money, otherwise these rounds would have ended long ago.

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