The Warriors eliminated the Nuggets 4-1 and successfully advanced to the Western Conference semi-finals, Jokić or farewell battle

The fifth round of the Western Conference finals between the Warriors and the Nuggets is over. It was very difficult for the Warriors to win this game, and they seized the opportunity at the critical moment. More blossoms helped the team win, eliminated the Nuggets with a total score of 4-1, and successfully advanced to the Western Conference semi-finals. Jokić and the Nuggets have ended this season, and Jokić is very likely to leave, this game or a farewell game.

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Nuggets 107-123 Warriors:
The Warriors won the first battle with a clear advantage. This game did not encounter too many obstacles. If it went smoothly, they would go to the next game first. The loss of the Nuggets is not unexpected. Their overall state has not fully entered the game. Although Jokić and Barton played well, the rest of the players did not perform well.

Nuggets 106-126 Warriors:
In this battle, the Warriors continued to sit at home. It can be said that they suppressed their opponents and maintained a good offensive rhythm. The Splash Brothers and Poole played extremely well, and they also won the game relatively smoothly.

Warriors 118-113 Nuggets:
This matchup is the key to determining the direction of the situation. The Warriors played fairly stable away from home, and they were able to directly get match points with three consecutive victories. The Nuggets’ performance in this game was not bad, but they failed to seize the opportunity at the critical moment and handed over the match point, which almost decided the fate of the season.

Warriors 121-126 Nuggets:
In this battle of life and death for the Nuggets, if they lose, they will be out of the game. In the face of an extremely unfavorable situation, the Nuggets preemptively establish an advantage and lay the foundation for the final victory. The Nuggets finally won, pulled back a game very hard, and the team was able to temporarily continue their life.

Nuggets 98-102 Warriors:
At the beginning, Wiggins and Curry played consecutively on the outside, and the Warriors took the lead; then Јокић and Morris chased strongly, helping the Nuggets to overtake 11-10. After that, Thompson chiseled inside to cause damage, Curry continued to attack from the outside, and the Warriors regained the lead; then Gordon played well and chased after consecutive points, but he was hit by the Splash Brothers relay. Morris opened the perimeter at the end, Poole scored a strong score to suppress, and the Warriors led 30-25 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Cousins ​​blossomed inside and out, and Gary and Poole scored consecutively to suppress; then Barton and Cousins ​​scored consecutively, and Gary hit a three-pointer at a critical moment to help the Warriors lead 39-34. After that, Hyland and Gordon scored in a row, and Kuminga responded in a timely manner; then Јокић chased and chased, and Button helped the Nuggets overtake 46-45 with a three-pointer. Jokić hit a jumper at the end, Thompson made a three-pointer in time, and the two sides were tied at 48 at halftime.

In the third quarter, Barton and Morris scored consecutive layups, Green and Wiggins scored closely; then Jokić and Morris connected inside and out, and the Nuggets maintained their leading position. After that, Green blossomed and chased points inside and out. Јокић and Button continued to press on the inside; then Curry made three three-pointers, and the Warriors recovered the score again. At the end, Cousins ​​played strongly, scoring consecutively from inside and outside, helping the Nuggets to end the third quarter with a 78-70 lead.

In the final quarter, Thompson and Porter advanced on both lines, and the Warriors chased 5 points in a row; then Cousins ​​scored a key score, Green and Gary scored again; then Cousins ​​scored another layup, Thompson made a mid-range shot, and Gary made a three-pointer Follow up, the Warriors 86-84 to achieve a go-ahead. After that, the Warriors Curry and Gary scored in a row, and the Nuggets relied on Јокић to score; then the Warriors still blossomed more, and the Nuggets still scored and continued their lives. In the last minute, with Curry’s breakthrough hit, the Warriors led by 5 points, and the suspense of the game ended.

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