Emotional, technical fouls are the norm, the referee boss sits on the sidelines, the Warriors have a lot of variables

The Warriors won G3 on the road. The strength of the Warriors is indeed not comparable to the Mavericks today. The inaccuracy of the outside makes them unable to match the firepower of the Warriors on the outside, and the Mavericks do not have a rim protection master, which also makes it difficult to face other teams. Looney, who is at a disadvantage, can turn the tide on the inside of the Mavericks. The Mavericks only have Doncic as a star. The Warriors can play too many people. Curry, Poole, Thompson and Brother Zui, so even if this game Doncic scored 40 points again, but his fists are hard to beat with four hands. One person can never beat a team. Basketball is a team competition.

But to say that there is no chance for the Mavericks to be behind the Mavericks 3-0 now, although there is no team in the history of the NBA series that is behind 3-0, in the situation of 146 times over the years, there is not a single team. The team can be reversed, so in fact, for the Mavericks, the hope is already slim, but as a team that can reach the Western Conference Finals, it is too faceless to be swept by the Warriors like this. For the Mavericks , the Mavericks are already in the game, how much money was fined from the bench, it is obviously not worth it to be eliminated so easily, so the next game is the only chance for the Mavericks to fight back, they need more People stood up and decisively shot three-pointers from the outside.

Why do you say that the Mavericks have a chance in the next game, because today NBA President Adam Silver is sitting on the sidelines. Obviously, this business league has become more and more commercial under his governance. Once the Mavericks are swept away, how much will this cause the league to lose? money,

Obviously, as the direct boss of the referee’s boss next time, Silver is very likely to put pressure on the referee. Is this whistle normal to let the Warriors win the Western Conference Finals, or let the Warriors go back to their home court and win the Western Conference Finals championship at home, even more so. There are ratings, which is unknown.
So when Silver appeared on the sidelines for the first time in the playoffs today, it brought a lot of ideas, after all, the Warriors are now an absolute guarantee of TV ratings in the playoffs.

There is another point about the Warriors’ Green, the current state is a ticking time bomb. Green has lost control of his emotions with the referee for two consecutive games, and was called for a technical foul. Obviously, Green, who is not very good-tempered, has reached the key point now. At the moment, it is more difficult for him to control his emotions. He seems to be less calm than the Splash Brothers. The state of his last two games is really very rare for Green. Once Green has another dispute with the referee in the next game, the whistle will let go. Green felt it was unfair, so he was very likely to be sent off. In such a critical game, for the Warriors, it is necessary to gnaw the hard bones and get Green’s existence, otherwise it will be difficult to win the game.

Therefore, the factors of Silver and Green will become the key to the next Mavericks win, but there is no way to lose, after all, the gap in strength is too great, the players’ ability, player’s experience and the game between coaches, and Lao Lai Compared with the Warriors, the Mavericks are still much worse.

But the Mavericks were able to rely on Doncic to reach the Western Conference Finals alone, which shows how strong Doncic is. He is still so young, and it is difficult to predict how high he will grow in the future, but he will definitely become the future league. The top three superstars, Doncic’s upper limit is too high, the future belongs to him Doncic.

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