Good news for the Warriors! The Titans may come back during the finals, and the former heroes will also lift the coffin board

The performance of the Warriors this season may be beyond imagination. Even those who are looking forward to the Warriors this season may not have thought that the Warriors’ road to promotion is so broad. Leading the Mavericks 3-0, as long as they win another game, they will reach the finals again after three years.

The tragic situation of the Finals three years ago will still be remembered to this day. Kevin Durant left the court in a hurry, and Klay Thompson’s regret that he didn’t achieve his ambitions made the Warriors dynasty shrouded in pride. At that moment, it seems that everything is not over yet, and sure enough, the Warriors still have a chance to rise.

Kevin Durant isn’t on the team, but the Warriors are still shining.

The Warriors are one step away from the Finals, and even more gratifying is that two players may return during the Finals.
One is the inspirational player Gary Payton II, who has played well during the playoffs this season. Gary Payton II is deeply loved by coach Steve Cole’s trust. Gary Payton II has a strong defensive performance and also has a big heart in shooting. In the first round of the playoffs, he made 6 of 8 three-pointers against the Nuggets.

In Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Grizzlies, Gary Payton II also showed some performance, but he was injured shortly after the opening game of Game 2. Dillon Brooks fouled Gary Payton II on a defensive possession and missed several games with a broken left elbow.

Gary Payton II struggled to find opportunities in the NBA and finally won a formal contract with the Warriors. He had hoped to do more in the playoffs, but was disrupted by a foul by Dillon Brooks plan. Still, Gary Payton II forgave Dillon Brooks, “…he said he didn’t mean it, I believe him.”

As this Warriors team continues to advance, Gary Payton II does not seem to be indispensable, but the absence of a defender still has an impact on the Warriors. Steve Kerr used other players to fill Gary Payton’s game time, but Damian Lee was clearly far behind, and Moses Moody got more of that.

According to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater, Gary Payton II has begun increasing his recovery, but is still limited to right-arm shots. According to reports, Gary Payton II may return during the finals.

Iguodala could also return during the Finals.

Going around in circles, Iguodala has returned to the place where his career has been brilliant. Although Iguodala’s role in the Warriors is not as good as before, Iguodala can still inspire his teammates. In a sense, Iguodala also helps the team off the court, which is his unique charm as a respected veteran.

Generally speaking, Iguodala will “lift the coffin board” in the playoffs, but it is difficult for him to play the expected performance this season. And because of injuries, Iguodala only played three games in the playoffs.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, sources said that Andre Iguodala’s goal is to make a comeback in the Finals.

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