The Lakers lost the intrepid? Melon announced a new decision, the Nets intend to sign a contract, and it is a problem for James to keep him

After the Lakers missed the playoffs, Vogel was dismissed, and the team faced a restructuring. For the three cores of James, Davis, and Westbrook, they were relatively free to leave or stay. After all, all three have contracts. , As other veterans in the team, they are not so lucky. Ariza has been waived by […]

The Warriors suffered 2 serious misjudgments and lost! NBA announces referee report, Curry and Thompson regret loss

The fourth game of the series between the Warriors and the Nuggets ended with a thrilling victory over the Warriors by the Nuggets. The score between the two sides became 3:1. Now the referee report is officially released. As a result, this time the referee reported that the official announced that there was a big […]

3 options for the Lakers to trade Davis? Reporter compares James and Durant, Westbrook likes support comments

1.Reporter says if James is as bad as Durant, Twitter will blow up ESPN reporter Marcus Spears commented on Durant’s performance, which talked about Lakers star James, saying: “If James plays such a bad performance at this stage of his career, then this APP (Twitter) will blow up. Although James did not enter the season. […]

The US media suggested that the Warriors trade for Gobert to create the most complete super team trade plan

The Utah Jazz are currently one of the most controversial teams in the league. No matter what they do, there will always be a flurry of criticism from the fan media about the Jazz’s play and lack of playoff success. The Utah Jazz ranked No. 1 in the Western Conference last year in the regular […]

Different life! In the playoffs, only two people averaged 25+10+5 per game, and the letters led Jokić 3-1 and trailed 1-3

Today’s NBA playoffs in the first round of G4, the Bucks beat the Bulls lightly, and the Nuggets narrowly defeated the Warriors. The leading stars of the two teams, Jokic and Antetokounmpo, both played well. Antetokounmpo scored 32 points, 17 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks in 34 minutes and 48 seconds. Jokić played 37 […]

Curry misses 4 free throws, unprecedented in his career, Clay hits 32 points to fill 1,034 blank days

The 2021-22 NBA playoffs continue, and the Golden State Warriors usher in the fourth game of the series against the Denver Nuggets. After the whole game, the Warriors lost to the Nuggets 121-126, and the total score was tied 1-3. On the Warriors side, Stephen Curry scored 33 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 […]

The Celtics front court general is back, he just used the game with the Nets to get back to form?

In today’s NBA playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets at home were hit hard again. After a hard fight, they still lost to the Boston Celtics 103-109, and suffered a three-game losing streak in this round of series. , the total score has fallen behind the opponent 0-3, and the team even faces the embarrassing situation of […]

Manchester United lose the fight to the death. The overall state is sluggish, only one person can leave the team with his head held high and win recognition

The focus of this round of the Premier League is undoubtedly the peak matchup between Manchester United and Arsenal. Because the outcome of this game will affect the prospects for the two teams to compete for next season’s Champions League qualification. So for Manchester United and Arsenal, this game is to take three points as […]

After losing to Arsenal, Manchester United’s stunned man exposed the team’s problems in an interview. Is he doing it right?

In the 34th round of the Premier League, Manchester United unexpectedly lost 1:3 to Arsenal. This leaves Manchester United six points behind fourth-placed Arsenal with one more game. With four games remaining in the league, Manchester United all but lost qualification for next season’s Champions League. Manchester United’s McTominay was given a start against the […]

1-0, the third-last upset in the Premier League, Manchester United stumbling down, Lampard fell into the relegation zone

April 24, 2022, we ushered in a very noteworthy contest in the 34th round of the English Premier League in the 2021-2022 season.Burnley, who ranked third from the bottom before the game, sat on their own home PK, which ranked 8th before the Wolves. Burnley’s last two games have 1 win and 1 draw, and […]

James has a new decision! Davis’ whereabouts are set, the Lakers are aiming for the championship next season

The NBA playoffs are in full swing. Seeing that other teams are preparing for the game, James, who has missed the playoffs, has been very free recently. He has been paying attention to the latest developments in the playoffs, such as evaluating Dončić and Paul, Pay attention to Trae Young, who is also very busy. […]