After losing to Arsenal, Manchester United’s stunned man exposed the team’s problems in an interview. Is he doing it right?

In the 34th round of the Premier League, Manchester United unexpectedly lost 1:3 to Arsenal.

This leaves Manchester United six points behind fourth-placed Arsenal with one more game. With four games remaining in the league, Manchester United all but lost qualification for next season’s Champions League.

Manchester United’s McTominay was given a start against the Gunners after a period of injury recovery.

After the game, a fragile McTominay fell to his knees in despair.

The midfielder was the first Red Devils player to be interviewed after the team’s loss to Arsenal.

However, the outspoken McTominay said in the interview that there are problems in the Manchester United dressing room.

An emotional McTominay said in an interview: “We have a lot of problems with players, staff and higher levels [management]. We need to focus on what’s happening on the pitch. When we’re on the pitch There should be self-esteem. It’s a sense of pride and everyone should do their best. A lot is happening now. For us, when we go back to the locker room, we need to look at ourselves in the mirror. In the past For two months, you could see our lack of confidence, which is so important in football.”

In an interview, the stunned young McTominay exposed Manchester United’s internal problems in this way. I personally think this is not the right approach.

This is not conducive to the internal unity of the Manchester United team and intensifies the contradictions within the team. Maybe this player needs to be more mature and talk more about technical and tactical aspects in future interviews, instead of saying what he wants to say without thinking and letting outsiders see jokes.

I don’t know if the Manchester United players will miss Solskjaer at the moment. Under the coaching of Solskjaer, the most important thing for Manchester United is confidence. Then, with the arrival of Rangnick, Manchester United’s advantage disappeared.

Today, the good habits in the Manchester United team have disappeared. When there is a problem, the Manchester United players do not help each other to cover up, but directly expose the problem to the mass media, which is not conducive to the construction and development of the team.

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