Manchester United lose the fight to the death. The overall state is sluggish, only one person can leave the team with his head held high and win recognition

The focus of this round of the Premier League is undoubtedly the peak matchup between Manchester United and Arsenal. Because the outcome of this game will affect the prospects for the two teams to compete for next season’s Champions League qualification. So for Manchester United and Arsenal, this game is to take three points as the primary goal. What makes Manchester United fans gratified is that the core Cristiano Ronaldo has stood up. Cristiano Ronaldo experienced the blow of the death of his son a few days ago.

Ronaldo was in very good shape, especially in Manchester United’s game against Norwich, where he scored a hat-trick. Cristiano Ronaldo’s state broke out, which made many fans look forward to him. The fans of the Red Devils believe that as long as Ronaldo continues his excellent state, then the team will have the hope of scoring points in the face of a strong Manchester City. As a result, Ronaldo unfortunately suffered the blow of the death of his son.
After the death of Aiko, Ronaldo was unable to play against Manchester City. Manchester United played without Cristiano Ronaldo and lost to Manchester City 0-4. So many Manchester United fans miss Cristiano Ronaldo and hope that Cristiano Ronaldo can come back in the focus battle against Arsenal. Considering the battle between Manchester United and Arsenal for the fourth place, Ronaldo is already a life-and-death contest. So Ronaldo decided to come back and start the game.

After Cristiano Ronaldo started this round of the Premier League, he performed admirably, scoring wonderful goals for the team. Cristiano Ronaldo dedicated the goal to his deceased son, which moved Arsenal and Manchester United fans. After Cristiano Ronaldo scored, the Red Devils fans believed the team had hope of winning. As a result, Manchester United’s overall defense was not strong, and it was also blown up by the opponent Arsenal in the game.

In the end, Manchester United lost to Arsenal, and the prospect of qualifying for next season’s Champions League is very slim. For Manchester United fans, the only person who can leave when the team loses is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was able to quickly adjust his state and mentality after suffering a major blow, thus ushering in an explosion in the game and scoring wonderful goals. This is something they admire very much. I hope that Ronaldo can continue to perform well in future games and help Manchester United achieve good results.

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