2-1 to 2-0! Manchester United is too strong, beat the underdogs 7 times in a row, the goal is 61 points, the sword is aimed at the Europa League

Manchester United, who has no hope of competing for the fourth place this season, has two remaining Premier League games against Brighton and Crystal Palace. They are opponents without relegation pressure, which will help Manchester United compete for the sixth place. On May 8, Manchester United will play Brighton away. The points can reach 61 points by winning this game. The Red Devils basically lock the qualification for the Europa League next season.

According to the German transfer information, Manchester United is worth 721 million euros, ranking fourth in the Premier League. Brighton is worth 255 million euros, ranking fifth in the Premier League. The strength on paper is far less than that of Manchester United. A team that recently won against Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

On April 9th, Brighton defeated Arsenal 2-1 away, and then on April 16th, Brighton defeated Tottenham 1-0 away, and defeated the four teams in two consecutive away games, becoming the history of the Premier League. The second team to have won two consecutive league games away from Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, the other being the Hull City Association in October 2008.

Therefore, Manchester United should not be underestimated. Brighton has no ambiguity against the upper and middle teams. In the latest round of away games, they beat Wolves directly 3-0, and Wolves are currently ranked tenth.

At present, Manchester United ranks sixth with 58 points in 36 rounds. They are 5 points behind Arsenal and 3 points behind Tottenham Hotspur in two more games.
With the FA Cup between Liverpool and Chelsea and both teams in the top four, the sixth-placed team in the Premier League can qualify for next season’s Europa League.

According to statistics, Manchester United has an absolute upper hand against Brighton in the past. Since the 2-1 home win in January 2019, they have beaten Brighton 7 times in a row. The most recent one was 2-0 at home in February 2022. During this period, 17 goals were scored and only 5 goals were conceded.

As long as Manchester United continue the state of the last home victory over Brentford, it will not be difficult to beat Brighton away. The points can reach 61 points, and they will beat the seventh-ranked West Ham United by 9 points in two more games. almost stable.

According to the schedule, West Ham will have to play against the leader Manchester City, and this game can hardly be scored. Therefore, Manchester United will enter the Europa League next season with one foot and let West Ham play UEFA’s third-level club. The European Union of the tournament.

Last season, Manchester United won the Premier League runner-up. This season, they withdrew from the championship early this season, and they had no hope of competing for the fourth place last month. The decline in performance is due to various reasons.

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