It is revealed that Manchester United is expected to complete the first signing next week and spend 80 million euros to buy De Jong! Barca win in transfer tug-of-war

Under heavy pressure, Manchester United intends to back down in the transfer game with Barcelona. It is expected to sign Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong next week. The Red Devils’ first signing of the summer transfer window.

Ten Hag has always regarded the 25-year-old De Jong as the core of his rebuilding of Manchester United, and he will not be promoted to other positions unless he is bought. When leading Ajax to the Champions League semi-finals in 2019, De Jong and now Manchester United’s Van de Beek were the two key figures in midfield. Now coaching Manchester United with complicated internal relations, Ten Hag hopes to have his own direct line, and be able to control the midfield hub on the field and become the center of the team. Manchester United’s disagreement with Barcelona’s De Jong transfer talks has always been price. Now, Spain’s “Daily Sports” (SPORT) reports that the two sides are “very close” to an agreement, and the Red Devils are willing to pay a transfer fee of 80 million euros, equivalent to 68 million pounds, very close to Barcelona’s psychological price (86 million euros) ).

Along with Chelsea, Wolves, Leicester City, Fulham, Everton and Brentford, Manchester United is one of the few Premier League clubs that has yet to sign any players this summer. The superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s questioning has to speed up and strive to complete De Jong’s transaction next week. As a result, football director John Mertave can only meet the price of Barcelona, ​​who spent 75 million euros (65 million pounds) to sign De Jong, and now has a small profit of several million. Former Manchester United defender Pallister believes that with the current state of the two clubs, the Red Devils’ concession is the only possible way to reach a deal. “Barcelona know how desperate Manchester United are for De Jong,” Pallister said. “So they’re going to be adamant about setting their own prices, in fact, whenever Manchester United buys, they’re still seen as such. One of the richest clubs in the world. Hope Manchester United can buy De Jong, he is the right age, has a lot of experience, is the type of player who can perform at Manchester United. He is used to the pressure and the spotlight at Barcelona, ​​so Up to the mark. Manchester United’s midfield has always been an area of ​​concern.”

According to the “Daily Sports” report, Manchester United are confident of completing the transfer of De Jong before June 30, but the player himself has not agreed to the transfer. In this regard, the Red Devils are willing to give a higher weekly salary than Barcelona to tempt De Jong to play at Old Trafford. The Netherlands international’s weekly salary in Barcelona is 290,000 pounds, which means that Manchester United will give him more than 300,000 pounds a week. Manchester United are in talks with De Jong’s agent over a five-year deal. De Jong insisted that he would only consider Manchester United’s contract if Barcelona agreed to sell him. In fact, De Jong’s favorite club is still Barcelona, ​​and if he has to, he will not take the initiative to ask for a move to Manchester United. Manchester United captain Maguire married his girlfriend Fern Hawkins in France over the weekend, and fans are hoping the club and new signing will tie the knot as soon as possible.

In addition to De Jong, Manchester United has also offered free agent Eriksen a contract, hoping that he will join the team for free. However, the Danish midfielder has also not made up his mind. British media revealed that the 30-year-old Eriksen is not sure that choosing the Red Devils is a better decision than staying at Brentford. Manchester United can certainly give higher wages and play the Europa League, but Brentford can guarantee the main position, and it is located in London, which is a place that the Ayshen family is more accustomed to.

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