Manchester United’s first day of training Ten Hag training content revealed! The return list is exposed, one person will leave the team absent

Manchester United new coach Ten Hag, his coaching staff, and the first batch of 27 players returned to Manchester’s Carrington training ground on Monday, kicking off the summer training.

At 8 a.m., 52-year-old Ten Hag took the special car arranged by the club and entered the training ground first, and his assistants Steve McLaren and Mitchell van der Garg arrived later. This morning, Ten Hag mainly held various meetings with staff and players, and did not arrange training sessions. The Manchester United players who were the first to return to the team returned to the club last Friday for pre-season physical tests. At 9.30am on Monday, they were again in Carrington for their first meeting with the new coaching staff. The club’s official website revealed that Ten Hag delivered a few minutes of speeches to the first team players and the young players of the youth team under the age of 21 who came to fill in. McLaren and Van der Garg also stood by his side.

Manchester United’s first day of training was arranged in the afternoon, including ball training interspersed with running and other items, which lasted about two hours. Some players arrive at Carrington before 9 am and leave after 16 pm, obviously trying to impress the new coach. Some of the well-known stars of their respective national teams were also included in this training, such as Spanish goalkeeper De Gea, England left-back Luke Shaw, Swedish central defender Lindelof, Dutch midfielder Van de Beek, and England winger Sang. Joe and Rashford, French demon king Martial, etc.

As international players such as Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, Maguire and Varane have not yet returned to the team, Ten Hag has called up more than a dozen youth players. Surprisingly, Alejandro Ganacho, who represented Argentina’s under-20 national team in the Toulon Cup, was also in Carrington, and his holiday was not over yet. But in order to conquer the new coach Ten Hag, the 17-year-old Ganacho sacrificed the rest time and returned early, which was praised by the fans. In contrast, Dean Henderson, who was not selected for the England team, did not appear in the training camp. Henderson, 25, was recently married and is currently on her honeymoon. It is understood that he is about to join Premier League newly-promoted Nottingham Forest on loan and will not participate in Manchester United’s pre-season training.

Satisfied Manchester United supporters seem hopeful for the Ten Hag era, with fans looking forward to seeing Martial smile when he returns, believing that he will be re-branded this season, just like these fans saw him last summer. After shaving a bald head, he rhetorically “shaved his mind” and “be like Daluo”. However, in the six months of renting out La Liga Sevilla, the horse factory manager scored zero goals in the league and only scored one goal in the Europa League, which was tragically returned. What he needs to prove is not that he can laugh, but that he is actively running in the game, not only participating in the attack but also helping the defense. Manchester United’s first-day training squad: De Gea, Tom Heaton, Nathan Bishop, Mateo Kowal; Wan-Bissaka, Ethan Laird, Lindelof, Phil Jones, Tuan Zerby, Bjorn Hadley, Will Fish, Luke Shaw, Brandon Williams, Alvaro Fernandez; Van de Beek, Ethan Galbraith, Charlie Saul Vicci, Charlie Willens, Zidane Iqbal; Tahith Chong, Sancho, Rashford, Martial, Shola Shoretti, Norm Emeran, Amade Diallo, Garnacho.

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