40 million euros offer Martinez, Manchester United and Arsenal are on the bar again, Ten Hag personally calls

The two giants in the Premier League, Manchester United and Arsenal, have once again hit the bar. Both teams have taken a fancy to Ajax defender Lisandro Martinez. The defender from Argentina played very well last season. , and being able to play at left-back and centre-back, he will make the team more diverse in the defensive line.

According to the “London Evening News”, both Arsenal and Manchester United have already sent offers to Ajax. Arsenal’s offer was 40 million euros plus additional terms, while Manchester United’s offer was slightly higher than Arsenal’s. However, neither team’s offer has reached the 50 million euros transfer fee requested by Ajax.

Lisandro Martinez said in an interview that he has not yet figured out whether he wants to go to Arsenal or Manchester United, because both teams mean to him that they will miss next season’s Champions League. Although the Premier League is more attractive than the Eredivisie, it would be a great pity to miss out on the Champions League. But he is still willing to accept the challenge, whether it is to go to Arsenal or Manchester United himself can accept.

Arsenal and Manchester United struggled to finish fourth in the league last season, but both teams failed in the end. Tottenham Hotspur, led by Son Heung-min, broke out and won the fourth place in the league. Arsenal and Manchester United could only rank fifth and sixth in the league and missed the Champions League places. In the new season, Arsenal and Manchester United will probably still fight for fourth place in the league, so in terms of signings, no matter who can get Lisandro Martinez, the other side will be envious.

New Manchester United boss Ten Hag, who coached Lisandro Martinez last season, believes the player is very important to the Manchester United team. It is reported that Ten Hag has told Manchester United’s management that Lisandro Martinez must be signed quickly and cannot give other clubs a chance, and Ten Hag himself has personally called Lisandro Martinez. Invite him to join Manchester United.

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