Romero offered to return to Manchester United for free as a substitute! Man Utd unmoved as wife bombarded executives

According to the British “Manchester Evening News”, former Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero offered to return to Manchester United as a substitute for De Gea. Although he just chose to leave the club last summer because he could not play the main force.

Manchester United are in the market for a new backup goalkeeper, as England goalkeeper Dean Henderson has been confirmed on loan to newly-promoted Premier League clubs Nottingham Forest. According to British media, Austrian Daniel Bachmann of Watford, who was relegated from the Premier League last season, is Manchester United’s first choice, but there has been no progress as the Hornets demand a transfer fee of more than 2 million pounds.
At the same time, after leaving Manchester United, Romero joined Serie A newly-promoted Venice, but the team was unfortunately relegated last season. The 35-year-old Argentine goalkeeper’s contract expired and did not plan to play in Serie B.
Therefore, Romero’s agent recommended him to Manchester United, saying that this time he was willing to return to play as a substitute, and compared with Bachman, Romero, who represented Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil, did not need a transfer fee, and also Familiar with the club and many teammates. Not only that, Romero has also played in the Eredivisie Alkmaar, and is no stranger to the football concepts of Ten Hag, Van der Garg and others.
A source familiar with Romero said he still loves Manchester United so much that if the club offered him a contract, he would definitely accept it. Romero has played 61 times for Manchester United, won the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Europa League, and was once known as the world’s best second goalkeeper.

It is reported that Romero is leaving Manchester United mainly because Solskjaer attaches great importance to De Gea and Henderson. In Romero’s last season, he often arranged for him to train alone. That season, Romero made zero appearances in a year and was not even registered. His last appearance for Manchester United was in the Europa League quarter-final against Copenhagen, Denmark, in August 2020. Therefore, although the weekly salary of not playing football is still as high as 80,000 pounds, Romero still chooses to leave.
During the period, Romero originally hoped to join Everton on loan in the Premier League, but he could not leave because Manchester United asked for a transfer fee of 20 million pounds. His wife, Eliana Guerjo, scolded the management of the Manchester United club for being unfriendly: “He worked hard for the club, he was a starter when Manchester United won the last title. Then he also helped the team reach 4 cup semi-finals. Or the final, and then he was a substitute and the team lost everything. Manchester United should reward him for his contribution and let him go, a tribute.”
Therefore, the executives of Manchester United still have a grudge against Romero so far. The Manchester Evening News said that the club was unmoved by Romero’s initiative to recommend him, and the official did not plan to sign him this summer (United haven’t signalled a formal interest in signing Romero).
In fact, aside from past grievances, if Manchester United signed Romero for free, it would be a good choice. This is a goalkeeper who has already proven his strength and is more than enough to serve as a substitute.

The 25-year-old Manchester United backup goalkeeper Henderson has already reached an agreement with Nottingham Forest. He did not return to the team to participate in Ten Hag’s first week of training. It is expected that after the honeymoon vacation next week, he will report directly to Nottingham. Henderson, who was married in Rome last week, will return to England this weekend for a medical examination for his new club. Manchester United have agreed to loan Henderson to Nottingham Forest for a season without a buyout clause, and he could make his debut on July 8, when Forest play Coventry in a warm-up match.

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