Liverpool veteran: Ronaldo does not owe anyone any loyalty, Messi does the same

British media talkSPORT radio reported that former Liverpool striker Dean Sanders said that Ronaldo and Messi owe the club nothing. Saunders stressed that Ronaldo owes no loyalty to anyone, because over the years, Ronaldo has given fans too much joy, and his career achievements are almost unparalleled.

talkSPORT radio report

Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Manchester United will not expire until next summer, but Cristiano Ronaldo has not returned to the team this summer. It is rumored that Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to stay in Manchester United to play the Europa League. However, due to Ronaldo’s high salary and 37-year-old age, it is difficult for other giants in Europe to accept him. The latest rumor is that Atletico Madrid intends to recruit. Barcelona president Laporta publicly shouted that he hopes Messi will return to Catalonia next year.

Talking about the recent situation of Messi and Ronaldo, the two Golden Ball winners, Dean Sanders commented on talkSPORT radio program: “Many people say that Ronaldo owes Manchester United just because Ronaldo started him at Manchester United. Great football career? My opinion is no! Cristiano Ronaldo has done a lot, he doesn’t owe anyone anything, and of course Messi does the same and doesn’t owe anyone anything.”

Sanders believes that as far as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi’s contributions to football are concerned, at this stage they can make their own favorite decisions according to their own inner thoughts. “I insist that Cristiano Ronaldo owes no one any loyalty. He has given us a lot of joy over the years. Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved a lot in his career, almost unrivaled, but he also can’t do whatever he wants. Do what you want to do,” Sanders said.

With just two weeks to go before the start of the new Premier League season, it is unclear whether Ronaldo will wear the Manchester United shirt again. Given that the 37-year-old has already stated that he still wants to play in the Champions League as he enters the twilight of his career, and that Manchester United can only play in the Europa League next season, it would not be too shocking for Ronaldo to leave Old Trafford again.

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