Ronaldo’s transfer drama has made the world more aware that football is a team sport

Ronaldo’s transfer drama has made the world more clearly aware of two things:

  1. Football is a team sport;
  2. The superstars in the team can only add to the icing on the cake.
  3. Looking at Ronaldo’s transfers in recent years, it’s the last resort.
  4. From Real Madrid to Juventus, on the one hand, Juventus’ lineup for the Champions League finals in the past few years is aging. On the other hand, Juventus is not an oil father and paid a high transfer fee. As Juventus’ biggest signing, it feels crowded. The capital space for signing other positions that need to be reinforced, this Juventus is equivalent to only filling the position of Ronaldo, and most of the other positions have not been effectively reinforced, and most of them are aging, which makes the team weaker as a whole, and later even Ended a multi-year winning streak.

In recent years, Real Madrid has used the extra transfer fee of Juventus to strengthen various reinforcements, and Cristiano Ronaldo has left, but it has attracted young and strong stars to join. Although there are some ineffective signings, they have also bought good ones, and The lineup of the Champions League three consecutive years in the past few years has unexpectedly not aged and declined. The old teammates have been running in very well, and they have also strengthened the newcomers, so they took off again this year.

Similarly, looking at Neymar now, I thought it was a bad choice for him to go from La Liga to Ligue 1. Now it seems that it is not too bad, and it is also a medium choice because Paris can make money. Paris Paris has paid high liquidated damages and a high salary for Neymar, and will not squeeze the capital space to continue to sign and continue to strengthen, at least the basic league table can be kept. Therefore, although Paris is not strong enough, it can be said that the ability of a superstar to enter the Champions League final is the icing on the cake for the team; and if Paris brings Neymar to drain the financial space, I am afraid not to mention the Champions League final, I am afraid it is the league It is difficult to guarantee an end with Juventus.

Looking back at Cristiano Ronaldo, I actually thought that he was going to “retire” when he moved to Serie A, but he still wanted to pursue honor, so he moved back to Manchester United from Juventus. For the Premier League, which is now popular for high-level pressing, Cristiano Ronaldo was a few years ago. When he moved to a league like Serie A with a deeper defense and a slower rhythm, his technical and tactical skills declined a lot when he returned to the Premier League.

In the case of not implementing the coach’s tactics and wanting to play the main force, “the best players should be on the field, I can’t play I will say it myself” and so on. Not implementing the coach’s tactics seriously hurt the prestige of the coach and the harmony of the locker room. This has led to a strange phenomenon. Sometimes the team’s victory and defeat are not consistent with personal data. The team and the star should have a complementary relationship, scoring a lot of goals and the team winning. However, this season Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Manchester United. The team scored the most goals, but the team’s total goals were nearly half less than last year. Although Manchester United’s runner-up last year felt a bit lucky, at least the top four had the strength. As a result, Manchester United finally fell out of the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not understand the truth that football is a team sport in these two transfers, and he only looked at the past of the team, not the future, and did not look at the changes and impact of the team after he joined; only Juventus was seen. The Champions League runner-up many times, Manchester United runner-up in the league last year, it seems that as long as he goes, he can bring the championship immediately, but he does not see the aging Juventus lineup, Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival has squeezed the capital space, there is no effective reinforcement, and the team as a whole has become weak; When he arrived at Manchester United, he didn’t see his technique and tactics decline, he couldn’t execute the coach’s tactics, damaged the dressing room and the prestige of the coach, the team weakened as a whole, and the results of the two transfers were very bad.

And now, the 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo may even have lost the ability to add to the team’s icing on the cake.

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