Juventus intends to introduce Depay, Barcelona hopes to get 20 million euros transfer fee

According to Spain “Daily Sport” quoted Italy’s report, Juventus want to introduce a second striker to partner with Vlahović, they are interested in Barcelona striker Depay.
Depay is not in Barcelona’s plan, and the players know that if they stay in the team for the new season, there will be no chance. He currently has several offers and will make a decision soon.
Juventus are interested in Depay. Juventus executives know the current situation of the player. Although they are also trying to sign Morata back, they have expressed interest in Depay at the same time.
Barcelona want to get back 20 million euros transfer fee from Depay, which the player thinks is high because he joined Barcelona on a free transfer.
In addition to Juventus, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Napoli are also paying attention to Depay. Players give priority to teams that play in the Champions League and have no intention of returning to the Premier League.

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