The Warriors suffered 2 serious misjudgments and lost! NBA announces referee report, Curry and Thompson regret loss

The fourth game of the series between the Warriors and the Nuggets ended with a thrilling victory over the Warriors by the Nuggets. The score between the two sides became 3:1. Now the referee report is officially released. As a result, this time the referee reported that the official announced that there was a big […]

The US media suggested that the Warriors trade for Gobert to create the most complete super team trade plan

The Utah Jazz are currently one of the most controversial teams in the league. No matter what they do, there will always be a flurry of criticism from the fan media about the Jazz’s play and lack of playoff success. The Utah Jazz ranked No. 1 in the Western Conference last year in the regular […]

Different life! In the playoffs, only two people averaged 25+10+5 per game, and the letters led Jokić 3-1 and trailed 1-3

Today’s NBA playoffs in the first round of G4, the Bucks beat the Bulls lightly, and the Nuggets narrowly defeated the Warriors. The leading stars of the two teams, Jokic and Antetokounmpo, both played well. Antetokounmpo scored 32 points, 17 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks in 34 minutes and 48 seconds. Jokić played 37 […]